The Voice…and some other tidbits.

Our friend Patrick…you have heard me talk about him before on here. He is one of our super good friends…and I have been talking about his HUGE project that he has been working on…and now we can finally tell people because he was finally able to announce this on Monday: He is going to be on The Voice this spring (airs 3/25 on NBC)!!! We are soooooo excited for him and can’t wait to see how far he goes! We are so proud of him! He came over Sunday night to talk to us about some stuff and we were all just grinning from ear to ear! I can’t wait to see him on TV!! It is going to be so huge for him with all the publicity. So if you watch the voice…vote or whatever you are suppose to do to help him win. I think it is based on the amount of downloads he gets. Still not sure what the deets are on that end. I haven’t watched the show much at all. We started watching it last fall because he thought he was going to be on that season. He called us to tell us it was the spring season and we stopped watching it. If you live in Memphis, you should check him out on Beale Street, he has an amazing voice!

Here he is playing at our house Sunday night.
I took Addison to the dr. Monday and would you know that her little tiny self still only weighs 21 dern pounds. She is so tiny! She eats like a HORSE for breakfast and lunch and will not eat a dern thing at dinner. Here she is eating a chocolate dipped nilla wafer on Valentines Day.
And Mimi and Papa’s while Michael was at a race…first dress up that she actually kept on. She loved it!

Ella Kate is getting better at writing letters and sounding them out…trying to read and write. Last week she ran into the living room and said “LOOK MOM!! I SPELLED YOUR NAME!” It almost brought me to tears! She did it all by herself! Mow…I’ll take it!

I am not one into fashion etc. Nor have I ever talked about it in my blog. But this winter I developed a huge thing for skinny jeans. My body looks pretty good and while I am young, I will rock some jeggings and leggings. They are so unbelievable comfortable. I am however not a fan of skinnies and flats etc. I like them with boots. For two weeks straight I was on a boot hunt. I actually bought two pair and returned them. Then I found these:

Enter my new obsession…Frye boots! Holy moly I love these things! They are so comfortable! They are not cheap either. I saved up some of my Christmas money and bought these bad boys on sale…and I got a discount on top of that. These were on display and were a little scuffed up and they gave me a huge break on them! So skinnies and Riding Boots, my latest craze!

On Monday of this week, I was in our living room and looked on our deck and a black cat was sleeping on our table. I freaked out because I thought it was Antioch. I looked down and Antioch was staring at it under an end table. Here are both Addison and Antioch checking out our stalker.

So what else has been going on? Not much. I am so ready for flip flops and this winter to just move on out. Yesterday I had some free time on my hands…I will get to that later, so I put up winter decor and got out my Spring Decor. I love it! Now if this weather could pack up and move out too! I am so ready to be outside and get the kids out there!

I made a decision yesterday. I deleted my facebook and twitter accounts. I knew it was taking away time from work, kids, and Michael…and I did it. I got so much other stuff done around the house and with the girls and at work. I had a very productive day! Its not that I spent hours looking on it…its that the 5 minutes here and there added up. Michael and I were glued to our phones. So I decided to deactivate. I never used twitter any. Facebook was more my thing. I told Michael and he was a little dumbfounded…and I told him I was tired of wasting time on it. So we are about to be phone free at night…tonight we have a date with Yahtzee!

I am more than likely going to turn it back on when the Voice comes on 3/25 and keep it up until its over to help promote Patrick. So that’s my plan. I am keeping my instagram because its all pictures!

So cheers to becoming unglued! Maybe I will blog better! We just haven’t had a bunch of stuff going on lately.

One thought on “The Voice…and some other tidbits.

  1. I noticed you disappeared from facebook for a while but hadn't had a chance to check in here lately to see why. I've gotten to the point where I just remind myself to put the phone down.

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