Busy little bees…

Man we have been busy this month! Work is picking up hard core and we are thinking it is going to be another early spring. Redbuds, Saucer Magnolias, Star Magnolias, Forsythia, and Quinces are already in bloom. Daylilies are coming out and Narcissus are in full bloom too. Not good kids, not good.

Last we left off we were about to head to my parent’s house. We spent the last two weekends over there since Michael was out of town. We did a bunch of visiting, playing, eating, snacking…and a ton of nose wiping. Both of my kids have been snotty and congested for three weeks now. Both were also running fevers off and on again. Fun stuff. No.

Anyways…couple of weeks of pictures. Uploading is not working with me right now and I can’t upload to my flickr app from my phone. And once again blogger changed their upload format and pictures are coming in various sizes and all out of order. And you can only upload one picture at a time. Boo.

Ella Kate before ballet.

Addison with her hair whipped up.

Week before Valentine’s Day was the letter H for school, Thursday was Hat Day. She wore her Jesse hat…and outfit.

Before we left to go to my parent’s house, we had a small appliance Friday day. We busted out our bread machine and juicer…and made juice and bread. Addison gets a kick out of the bread machine and watching it spin. She then through a fit after I got tired of holding her.

Here is how this happened…I said Addison, lets go night night. I wasn’t expecting her to do this:
Both kids waiting on bread and juice!
Addison mowing down some juice.
Friday night movie night at Mimi’s…Peter Pan and Pizza!
Our friends the Dodds and Brent and Kim! Patrick had a last minute gig come up on the 7th and it was majorly important for him. I texted Kim and Brent and told them to get down here for it and they hauled 10 hours to come see him. They had originally planned for the gig to happen on the 8th but someone messed up the date and it was the 7th. I was all ready to go and then couldn’t since they moved it to the 7th. Michael and I felt awful that we couldn’t be there for Patrick’s huge event! So they came over Saturday and we all hung out at my house! I can’t wait for Patrick and his next big adventure! He is about to make a huge announcement in a couple of weeks and we are soooooo proud of him! He is going to have a stellar year!

Ella Kate and I decided to make Valentine’s Day treats…we made white chocolate dipped Rice Krispy Treats…and they were mowed down. I had one and it was sooo good and hard not to mow the rest of them down! I then got super carried away and made chocolate dipped strawberries, pretzels, oreos, and nilla wafers!
Addison’s loot for VDay…an itty bitty outfit for her doll and a book.

Ella Kate’s loot…coloring books, Jake and the Neverland pencils, and a leopard outfit for Carolyn. I almost spent $60 bucks at the American Girl store, and decided to see what Amazon had for 18″ dolls. I gave that outfit a whirl and it is so well made and a fraction of the cost! I will def. be hitting up Amazon for future doll needs!

More to come if I can get my phone to work…I also need to get pictures from my camera too!

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