We finally had a low key weekend which was welcomed. We have had parties and dinner parties since EK’s birthday on NYE! We didn’t have anything on the to do list! Friday we had movie night. I got a three dvd combo of Scooby Doo, Happy Feet, and The Ant Farm. Ella Kate wanted to watch The Ant Farm. I bought the dvd’s cause I love Happy Feet and we have had it on our DVR for a year or so…and I bought it…its a really cute movie!

So there they are…my little family watching The Ant Farm and eating popcorn. Addison still doesn’t have the attention span to watch a movie…she really hasn’t shown any interest in the TV yet. She did sit on the couch last week and watch about 10 minutes of Sophia, Disney’s newest princess. I was busy in the kitchen and noticed that it was really quiet and I went looking for Addison and she was on the couch…chilling, watching a show.

One of my favorite things to do…take pictures of little sweet babies sleeping. Ella Kate doesn’t do that anymore!

Ella Kate left her dress-up out after she went “down for a nap” aka “rest time”…and Michael put it on Addison!

Michael getting in some time on our treadmill!
Addison and her babies!

Ella Kate and some quite time alone. In the morning we do either writing exercises, coloring, or flashcards…then she gets to play on my Ipad for 30 minutes. She will either watch shows or play some of the games I have loaded on there for her. She loves that thing! I am thinking if she starts reading, she might be getting an Ipad Mini for Christmas/Birthday this year. But we shall see. She can operate that thing like nobody’s business!

Lazy weekend naps!
Antioch sniffing a button on a pillow.
My mom went to Nola last week because my Aunt Janice is in the hospital…and Mardi Gras and Superbowl things were full swing. She came back with bags full of beads for the girls!
Addison at church yesterday. She is not a fan of Sunday School. I did get her to walk in to the classroom this time…and then she threw her hands over head and immediately started screaming. We left.
EK’s loot!
Addison during her morning nap today…One day I will miss morning naps!

My Monday workout…not too shaby for under an hour! I was on the treadmill for 30ish minutes and 20 minute Insanity Ab workout!

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