Boo February

What is your least favorite month? Mine is February. I don’t know why I have always disliked this month, but I really could use a fast forward button. By now, I am sick of the cold and being cramped up in the house. Luckily we have had a few days in the 60s and 70s…which really isn’t good. Boo, we actually need hard winters to kill a bunch of the bugs we have in the summer!

I also don’t like February because Michael is gone for two of the weekends. Next weekend he is going on his annual fishing trip with Adsit and the following weekend he is running Sylamore in Arkansas.

I don’t know if I mentioned this or not, but Ella Kate is going to Arlington Elementary on the 11th to meet with a speech therapist. She has trouble forming some of her R, L, W, CL, and F…I think there are more. Dr. Scott noticed her trubs at her 5 year check-up last month and wants her to go see a speech therapist. So I got all the paper work turned in and now we have to go meet them, then have her evaluated to see if she qualifies, and then start therapy if she needs it.

I also told Ella Kate that when she turned 5, I was going to be all over her about sucking her thumb. The first two weeks were hard for her…but I think she hasn’t sucked her thumb in three weeks now? We decided to use athletic tape on her thumb during nap and at night. We have showed her pictures of kids teeth when they suck their thumb for two long and that scared her. I also promised that I would fill her purse full of real purse stuff. I hit up the dollar bin and got her a compact, some kleenax, a key chain, and her biggest thing…lip gloss. She has to go another 2 weeks to get that stuff. Then we might take the tape off her thumb and see how she does…and if I don’t catch her for another month…then she gets a big day with mom! She is always wanting me to do stuff with her, but I can’t because of Addison…and Michael is always doing stuff.

But I am proud of her, she shows no desire to suck her thumb now!

Not much going on this weekend…Michael is working today. I worked this morning and am about to wake kids up. I changed my workout to this afternoon because Don is trying to close out January. Tonight is movie night round these parts!

Speaking of which, Addison shows no desire to watch tv. Although I have noticed that when I put on Sophia for EK, she will sit on the couch and watch a little bit of it. I wonder what she thinks of that?!

It will be fun to have both girls cuddled up on movie night thought!

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