Little People, Recipe, and Sweaty ole me

When I got my Iphone last May I tried to upload instagram but it kept crashing. I tried again about a month ago and it worked. You can follow ckspoole if you wanna keep up with those pictures. And flickr updated their app and it is a world better, but I still can’t upload videos off my iphone. So my phone had a system update this week and I couldn’t do it because I didn’t have enough room. So I finally got all my iphone pictures off my phone and in flickr. Now I just have to figure out how to get the dern videos somewhere. Flickr only lets 90 second videos. I have used you tube before…so I might go that route. My laptop is backed up through work. So I could just keep them on here too.

This is me…6:00am after my 5:00 Insanity workout. Sweaty and glamorous!

Addison putting together a puzzle
Nothing better than a tiny 20 month old baby in her 12 month footed ducky pjs!
Sweet baby praying. She folds her hands and rambles off some babbles. She does this at night too!

Our dinner last night…Balsamic Onion Pot Roast

I have had more of a hate relationship with roast. I think they are too dry and I am just not fond of this type of meat at all. But this particular one is a chuck roast. I bought two last year and froze one. I found this paleo recipe and decided that it was worthy of my efforts. And boy was it ever. Holy moly it was almost the best thing I have ever ate. Everything about it was so good! Highly recommend it…specially if you aren’t a fan of the ole roast and potatoes and carrots medley. The girls mowed it down and Michael ate after running last night and said that was the best roast he had ever had! Yay!!

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