A night to remember…

Well the weather has been abnormally hot for a couple of days…and a little dry. Yesterday was around 78 degrees and excessive winds. We were watching the news all evening for the update on the big storm system that was to come through around 10-11 last night. Michael and I were watching NCIS in the bed and he fell asleep as soon as his sweet little head hit the pillow.

Over the weekend we had some shelby county sheriffs stop by our house. Michael was working in the garage on our gate and they asked if he had seen a black man wearing a hoody…he was casing houses around our neighborhood apparently. He said he had not seen him. Arlington has a closed group on facebook that we are members of and I posted what they had said on the page. One of my neighbors ex-husbands called his ex-wife, who is our neighbor and told her. She came over and asked about it and we exchanged phone numbers with her and her daughter in case anything should happen.

After Michael fell asleep, I kept on watching TV. I got a phone call from Brandy, the neighbor. I was about to go to sleep so I let it go to voice mail. She didn’t leave a message and about 5 minutes later she texted and asked if we had seen what is going on in our backyard…I got up and saw this…


All I could see was flaming orange across 385 which runs behind our houses. I screamed at Michael to get up. He looked out the window, ran in to the closet and we both got dressed. He ran out the front door and down the sidewalk which leads to the walking trail behind our house. Tons of our neighbors were out there, in the street, cars where everywhere! I ran and got Ella Kate up and I called Michael to ask if we needed to get the heck out of there. He said he thought we were safe…Firetrucks, ambulances, and the sheriff’s office were all over the place. There is a group of homes that are for the mentally ill and it looked as if they were going to go up. People from our neighborhood were running across 385 to help the people get them out. It was insane and very very intense for everyone!

Luckily it started to rain a little and put a good bit of it out. Apparently a power line near Milton Wilson, which is the bridge that gets us over 385 to that development and soccer fields, had snapped and caught a huge field full of broomsedge on fire…and bam…spread like wildfire. It was insane how fast it spread.

We stood outside for a little while to make sure we were safe and then it got really windy and we went inside and watched from our living room. Good grief that was way too close to our house…seriously 100 yards away from our house. Luckily 385 separated us from the fire…not sure if it would have gone over the road to our neighborhood but man were we freaked.

Most of it was put out and we tried to go to bed but our adrenaline was pumping pretty good still. We watched a show and then the storm was about to hit and thunderdad was on duty so he went to EK’s bed and slept. I didn’t sleep good cause of the storm. Man what a night.

I turned on the news this morning and it said that the houses had smoke damage but that was about it, luckily no one was hurt. The fire came up to the back patio of one of those houses. How scary!

I took the girls to go see it this morning…we drove down 385 and Milton Wilson to see how bad it was…

This is on Milton Wilson looking at 385

See that powerline, it has lines down. That was the one that started it.

This is from our backyard, standing on the fence. It was probably a 400 yard brush fire.
See the black all the way up to their patio. Holy scary!
All the black grass at the base of the powerlines.
Just above 385.
See the green sign on 385…the burnt grass behind it.
And this was my view the morning after…we saw that on fire…from our bedroom window!

Wow! I am so thankful no one was hurt…I have never seen a fire that big in person. Nor do I ever want to see another one. After all that was over I thought of things I would try and grab if we actually did have to evacuate. We would have one heck of a time trying to round up Antioch!

So this weekend we are making an emergency kit for the house. I have been kinda working on it…but yeah, this scare did us in. I have one in my car, but not for the house. And being all paleo and clean eating..our food would spoil in a week. So that is up on the list to take care of!

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