Workin out

After Ella Kate was born, I started p90x and did it several times throughout two years. Then I got pregnant with Addison and I laxed off on the fitness end. After I had Addison I decided to try the Insanity workout. My last round ended with an insanely busy holiday season with very little time to do anything remotely workoutable. So I missed the last three weeks of the insanity blitz.

After doing the two workouts I have developed my own workout regime. There are certain discs that I liked and didn’t like with both workouts. So I have developed a routine that I think will work for me. As I mentioned before, we got a treadmill earlier this month and I have been using it as well.

So I am going to try on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday treadmill workouts followed by either Ab Ripper X (P90) or Cardio Abs (Insanity). Then Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday will be either Plyometrics (P90), Kenpo X (P90), Plyometric Cardio Circuit (Insanity), Power Cardio Resistance (Insanity), and Pure Cardio and Abs (Insanity). So I will mix them up. Those were my favorite workouts from both programs. I ended up not being too much of a fan of P90 because of all the weights and chin-ups. I have always thought the best way to workout was using your body as resistance which Insanity does, so I liked more of those workouts than P90. After doing insanity I found that I benefited the most from those three discs.

I think I will more than likely be able to stick with this…there were days that I didn’t want to follow through with whatever workout I was suppose to be doing because I didn’t like it. Both workouts include a way to long yoga workout. I have never been a fan of yoga…for one I have had way too many injuries on my ankles and wrists from gymnastics and cheerleading and holding those poses on injured wrists and ankles can be excruciating.

I am pretty excited about it! My motto is to still sweat everyday! Sunday will be my off day unless I am feeling squirrely. I have been waking up at 5:00 to do some light work and then I jump on working out. I have noticed a bit more energy while I am doing these workouts. I am thinking it is because I changed to a paleo diet. I have lost 7 lbs so far. I would like to drop another 5…but I am not sure if it is possible. But if I am eating healthy and doing some sort of exercise each day then I am pretty happy with my life and body!

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