Things we have been doin…

Dancing to Dad playing music on the guitar.

Here is Ella Kate…at 23 ish months. Addison will be 20 months on Sunday. EK had more hair and more chubbiness to her…Ella Kate use to line up her animals in her crib.

And Addison does too! Deja vu! I think it is funny that Addison does it too. So far she just lines up her babies.

I love waking Addison up and finding what crazy position she is in…but most of the time I have my camera up and flash up…well I forgot this time…whoa!

Bouncing on a ball by the window.
Her babies again…the one on the left is Ella Kate’s but it keeps ending up in Addison’s bed.

I thought this one was sweet…
Michael playing the guitar!

Patrick and Anne Marie came over Saturday night to hang out…Patrick is leaving for Los Angeles to work on a project and will be gone for some time so we wanted to see each other before he left!

Sun Glasses!

Ella Kate’s clean eating lunch. This is her lunch box…no plastic baggies or anything. I love these little containers! She generally gets to decide her lunches and its almost always the same. She likes ham, cheese (either cubed, string, or sliced), a fruit (apples, strawberries, and grapes), a “chip” (pretzel things, veggie sticks, or pirate’s booty), a veggie (either a salad, carrots, or celery) and fruit snacks or a cookie. I found some lunch bots that I want to get for her dipping sauce. I have been collecting the plastic containers from restaurants for her sauces and then I wash them in the dishwasher. But I found some stainless steel ones that will fit in her box. I just need to order them! I was actually using these little sword toothpicks and making a kabob out of the ham, cheese, and vegetable…but her teachers said that they would have to take them off  the stick and put the sticks in her box because the boys were getting into her lunch to get them. So I asked EK what she wanted me to do and she said just don’t use the sticks if she can’t eat off of them. So I save those for lunches not at school.

Addison’s is about the same…but she gets a peanut butter and jelly or cheese toast. She never eats the vegetable or cheese but I put a little bit in anyway.

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