My Christmas and Birthday Present

The finished product. We think it turned out great! It took a while to get it stained and sealed…4 weeks I think? There was a good bit of dry time on the particular stain I used…and luckily Michael went through a mountain of old socks he didn’t want for various reasons…and I mowed that stack down. The gel was so easy to use, kind of messy. You paint it on and then wipe it off. Then sand and I repeated two times. Then you had to wait a week and seal everything…wait a couple of hours and seal again. I sealed maybe 4 times…and for the top of the bottom cabinet I sealed it at least a dozen times…look how shiny it is. Towards the end of the project I told Michael I wanted a light source in it. So wired up a new outlet that is in the middle cabinet and we put two lights underneath it. They were actually left over from our kitchen lighting project…but we didn’t have the touch pad to dim it and turn it on. Michael found one at Lowe’s over the weekend. Now we don’t have to plug and unplug to turn it off and on…and we have three settings as well.

Addison gets in it and closes the door and has a party in it. I took 12 clear shoe boxes and organized everyone’s stuff and put that on the bottom. Michael and I both have designated drawers for our junk. The middle cabinet holds cookbooks, bills, pens, and a basket for my camera. The upper cabinet holds random things and most of our dvds. I love love it!

I keep telling Michael that I am finished doing things to the house…but I came up with 3 more projects. Most of which are easy. I want to install three lights above our bar in the kitchen for more light. Several years ago we redid the lighting in our kitchen. We had a horrid florescent light above and we ripped that out and put a fan in with a light. Then we did the counter lighting underneath the cabinets. We have had Christmas lights on top of the cabinets for years. I think if we add the three lights above the bar, the lighting will be perfect! Michael said it would be an easy project consisting of ripping up part of the floor in the attic, wiring three boxes, putting the lights in…and then removing the horrid out of place small light that is kind of above our kitchen sink. We would have to sheetrock that and spray some of that popcorn junk to match it. So it seems pretty simple, I have priced it and we think it would cost around $150. I told him we can aim for spring for doing that. So I have been pricing and searching for lights.

The other project is putting up two storm doors on our front and back doors. I have wanted them for years…but those will cost around $600 bucks. So that is not in the near future. I can feel a huge draft around both of those doors in the winter, I am sure the storm doors would help with that problem. I also want to paint our front door. I have never been able to decide on a color though. Its cream right now…and pretty dirty!

Yesterday we worked in our garden out back. We might have left the bird netting on too long on our grapes and we needed to cut it off. We have also been having a little bit of trubs with our dryer drying…so we went and looked at our vent and it had a ton of lint hanging out of it. Michael murdered a shrub while trying to get a stick in the vent. We would really like to rip out the landscaping on the entire right side of our house. For some reason…shrubs that are suppose to stay 3-4′ get around 6-8′ at our house. It is wild. Our grower, who now works for us and has come to our house many times to visit and give me work was in denial about our 8′ tall knockout roses. Yeah those are suppose to stay 3-4’…not ours, they hit the dern roof line! So that side of the house is overgrown and needs to be dealt with. Hardest part of that would be ripping the existing shrubs out. Its not much…its just a big jungle mess.

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