Whole 30

Well ever since I posted a couple of years ago about cleaning up our way of life, and what we eat…we have still been successful. We haven’t bought napkins, paper cups, paper plates etc. in several years. We still line dry. The only thing we failed on was a substitution for paper towels. Those are just hard to beat. Especially with messy kids. We have designated cloths on the sinks for each kid…sometimes we go through two a day. But we will continue to use paper towels and toilet paper.

Last year I chose an eat clean method. Everything we ate was alive..at some point. We haven’t used condensed soups and things of that nature in for ever. The only thing we eat from a can is stewed tomatoes, tomato sauce, tomato paste, green beans, and English peas…for when we are in a pinch.

We really enjoyed it and we made a ton of tasty dishes!

This year we are going a different route. Mainly me, but I told Michael if I am cooking, then that is the food we will eat. I am trying a Whole 30 diet. More or less it is a paleo diet. Basically I am eating protein, a ton of veggies, fruit, and nuts. It was hard at first, I definitely went through a slum the first several days…especially because I had gone full fatty since Thanksgiving to New Years. The weird thing is I have noticed changes in my body, I have more energy, I sleep better at night, and my hair is more curly.

I found a book at costco called Everday Paleo, so far every recipe I have tried has been good with the exception of two. They were okay, just not my cup of tea. I also have a book I need to pick up at the library. We have tried several recipes that were absolutely fabulous…one was a chicken breast with salt, pepper, dried basil, garlic, and sundried tomatoes that you bake in the oven. I have made that twice now and is by far my favorite way to eat a chicken breast.

This is different from clean eating because you are cutting out all grains, legumes, and dairy…so no bread, beans, pasta, flour, caffeine, sweets, and my favorite…cheese! I had made the switch to whole wheat flour and whole wheat pastry flour last year. So this diet is perfect if you have a problem with gluten.

The first week I lost 6 pounds. I was shocked! And then we had Michael’s birthday…these are the things that I will have to work on…how to control what I eat when going out to eat, parties, and eating at other’s houses. We had a big party for Michael last Friday…and I mowed down some unhealthy foods. You are also suppose to cut out alcohol…which I have cut out a good bit, but I love a good beer, red wine…and a rita every now and then. Saturday his parent’s came over and we went to Calabash which is a seafood restaurant. My problem with restaurants is I order what the kids would eat and then the three of us share it. EK got her own order and I got an order of popcorn shrimp. We came home and I felt super bad! I actually haven’t had fried food in a long time. Come Monday I had gained 2 pounds from birthday celebrations. So back at it.

We also bought a treadmill after Christmas and I have been using the stew out of it. Michael uses it when he isn’t tired from work…so mainly on the weekend. He likes the way we eat now…we both love vegetables!

We are in a pickle about our CSA though. Whitton Farms is no longer servicing the botanical gardens. So we are trying to decide what market to try and what farmer. We have talked about getting a full share since we are mowing down vegetables like its going out of style.

I am not going to be super strict with myself on a paleo diet. My favorite food ever to eat is pasta! So that has been hard to give up. I have also read that when people do make a switch to whole diets, once they try foods that they use to love…they no longer do. So we shall see how that works out.  Your taste changes. I decided to have just a taste of Michael’s cookie dough ice cream cake Saturday night and after eating it I thought to myself how much tastier a bowl of organic strawberries would be. Oh yes, there is a huge difference between regular strawberries and organic strawberries. So I thought that was interesting too, I use to love some cookie dough ice cream cake.

Anyways that is what’s been going on with me. Both girls are full snotty this week. I have been super busy this January with my spring flower order…which I finished Monday. Now I am slow and hoping to get my camera back out. Ella Kate has been jumping on her trampoline as weather permits. Addison is Addison, easy going, keeps herself busy. She also loves the trampoline too, nobody else is allowed to jump when she is on it.

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