The Big Trampoline!

As mentioned, Ella Kate’s big birthday present this year was a trampoline. She has been all over that thing when the weather permits. This weekend before the torrential rains, we had highs in the 70s and she spent the whole day on it. Which is super good for her…get her some exercise! She new she was getting it, so it wasn’t a big surprise. Michael started putting it together after the snow days. I kept the blinds closed and she was playing on the floor and looked outside and saw it. Her face just lit up!

I am trying to teach her safety falls and things like that to keep her safe. I had many trampolines growing up and never once was injured on it…knock on wood. She loves putting balls on the trampoline and making them bounce. I am trying to teach her how to jump on her bottom and hop back up…and she also loves pretending to be popcorn and for us to do it too, which we fake explode.

Addison has been on it twice. Everyone has to sit down when she is on it though. She just walks and falls and laughs. She has trubs staying on her feet cause its slick with her socks…and trubs getting back up because its slick on her knees.

I don’t know if many people who read this blog know this…but back in the day I was a competitive gymnast and a competitive cheerleader. I would spend hours a day jumping on that thing perfecting my skills. I mustard up enough courage to attempt a back flip. Amazingly, I did it! EK was highly impressed with me and now wants to take gymnastics to learn how to do it too. So far I can still rock out a back tuck, standing back tuck, back-handspring, back-handspring back tuck, and a front flip. That’s all I have attempted. I was sore the next day! Ha! So everyone has been enjoying our new tramp! Its quite a workout!

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