The aftermath…Christmas.

We had plans for Michael and I to wake up early and get ready Christmas Day. My alarm went off at 5:30 and we were so exhausted from the ER that I turned that thing right off. I was sleeping so good…complete with mouth wide open.

In fact, everyone slept in. EK was still asleep when her alarm clock went off. Her mouth open. It has been years since I have had to wake her up.

We brushed teeth and ran in to see what Santa had brought. The girls played for a little while and we finally got ready to go to my parents house.

We mowed down some breakfast casserole and pull apart cake and tore into some presents. Funny story about that…we forgot our presents, so as soon as we walked in the door to my parents I said we forgot the dern presents. So Michael went back on home to get them. Stupid me!

After we tore into presents my Aunt Judy and cousin Bill arrived and we ate Christmas Lunch. The girls took a nap and we watched Christmas Vacation and chatted. After naps, they played some more and we ate some leftovers and went on home.

We were under some winter weather advisories…and as we were sitting on the couch Michael said “I really hope it doesn’t snow.” I said in return…oh you know it is…with the way our holidays are going, its definitely going to snow. If you recall he has to go in to work when we have bad weather for snow and ice removal. So we put the girls to bed and he got out all his bibs and heavy coats and went to bed at 7. He went in at 11:30 and we didn’t see him til 1:00 the next day. He was so tired. While he was gone I put up everything Christmas. All I had left to do when he got home was take the ornaments off the tree. He and the girls were napping, so I got the tree cleared. All he had to do for me was put up the Christmas tree.

Later that afternoon, Ella Kate had a follow up appointment with the pediatrician. Everything was clear. We again got strict instructions not to go around long haired cats. Its sad because both Michael’s parents and sister have long haired cats. So Ella Kate will not be allowed to go over there. Not sure how that will fair with people, but her health is the most important thing, and will always be.

The next day I had to make the phone call to her allergist and asthma doctor. For the first time ever, I talked to the actual dr on the phone for an hour going over every single detail. He was perhaps the meanest about the cats. But I totally understand, the cat nearly took her life. What is not to understand? He said he would give me dr. notes…ha! Unfortunately he increased her daily controller because this was the second time she was on steroids in two months. The steroids…which are only 5 bucks to buy…are extremely bad for her. The dern daily controller inhaler is $240 a month. Yeah. Takes me almost three days of work to pay for that thing.

We are going to the Dr. again for a follow up and a 5 year check-up this week. Then in March we have to go back to her asthma dr for more evaluation.

Overall it was an okay Christmas, one that I would really like to forget. Please don’t get me wrong, I know there are a ton of kids at St. Jude, and I am really grateful that it is just asthma. We just have to be very aware of her breathing. So we are extremely thankful for two healthy kids, even if one is asthmatic!

Addison and her sock monkey. Her big girl room is going to be sock monkey themed!
Opening presents. Ella Kate would open a present and look at it, put it down and tear into another. Her theory is to get them all unwrapped as fast as possible and then play with what she got.

Santa toys!
Addison loves baby dolls. She got a stroller and high chair from Mimi and Papa. Santa brought her a bitty baby from America Girl.
Cinderella sleeping bags…Definetly a HIT!

Straight hair Claire.

From left to right…Maggie (Sarah’s middle baby), Maddison, Annie (Sarah’s oldest) holding Levi (Sarah’s youngest), Whitney (Erica’s only) and Ella Kate!

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