Ella Kate turns 5…OH MY!!

Ella Kate got hooked on Jake and the Neverland Pirates either last year or the year before, it is fairly new. All year long she requested an Izzy party. She was Izzy for Halloween too.

After doing some research and looking around town…there wasn’t much out there for Izzy, it was all about Jake…so I had to improvise. Ella Kate helped pick the colors which of course was pink and purple…like Izzy.

I started collecting things in August and the party started coming together.

We had fish (goldfish) and chips…and some dip. We mowed down some pizza and ice-cream cake!

I made two games for the girls to do…AC and EK. We also had a bunch of babies! Whitney, Dillon and Amelia (Kersting twins) and Addison! It was a house full of them! Ella Kate’s big present was a 14′ trampoline. The girls did a scavenger hunt, which was suppose to end on the trampoline but unfortch weather didn’t agree with that. So it ended inside. I did some research on scavenger hunt and decided to take pictures of things throughout the house that would lead them to the next spot. At each spot the girls would collect goldablooms and the treasure was swords, hooks, eye patches, and compasses.

The second game was a goldabloom hunt in a galvanized tub filled with cream colored peanuts (sand). They dug and found a ton of chocolate coins! They had a blast and wanted to play more games, but I was all out of tricks!

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