My birthday and Christmas present

I gave my parents back their Ethan Allen bookcases because we didn’t need the one in Addison’s room anymore, and they took interest in both bookcases for their upstairs. So I started looking at bookcases…and what I was wanting was in the price range of $2-3 grand. No way. I then decided to get a couple of prices for having a built in installed…and that price was $1,900…still out of our league.

The existing bookcase is primarily used as an office and a catchall. It houses our cookbooks, wallets, keys, purse, art supplies, office supplies, coupons, bills, and decorations. It is used for so many purposes! I went to Lowe’s in October to price unfinished cabinets and had it figured at around $500 for exactly what I needed and wanted. I saved a bunch of birthday monies and now Christmas monies and so far…this is what we have finished:

 I chose a 30″ base cabinet with drawers, a 30″ wall cabinet, and a 15″ wall cabinet. I originally thought I was going to paint it white, but Michael didn’t want to hide the wood. I started doing research on staining and came across General Finishes Gel Stain Wow that stuff was easy and actually fun to do!

Here is Michael planking the bottom of the top lid…if that makes sense!

Last night after Michael got home from work, he took out the quarter round and molding and we installed the base cabinet.

which the girls are treating as their house!

Installing the lid.

So what’s left? Well we have a connecting wall piece that is going in between base and middle cabinet. We put it on last night and decided that we are going to make it bigger…so we have to glue and set that together and then I can stain it and top coat it. After that we just install the middle and upper cabinet. Then we will add trim, crown molding and put the quarter round and base boards back up. So we are close…its the staining and sealing that take so long. I have been staining, sanding, and sealing for 3 weeks now? I put 12 coats of sealant on the top of the base cabinet…hoping that will help with scratching etc. It is so shiny!!

I can’t wait to get it finished…we are hoping it will be complete by Christmas!

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