Christmas Recital, Preschool Christmas Show, and other stuff.

Last Monday, a week ago, we went to Ella Kate’s Christmas Ballet recital. She did awesome, she is one of the older girls in her class now and I can tell what a difference a year makes. She also sang (loudly) the entire Up on the Rooftop song. Her teachers congratulated her on her voice skills on Tuesday. I am not sure how much longer she is going to last in ballet. She keeps mentioning gymnastics…and I am pretty sure it has something to do with me saying I was going to start Addison in gymnastics over the summer. She said she wanted to do it as well. I said well you can only do one sport…and I do have a tendency to lean toward something that is more athletic than ballet…no offense. So we shall see!

Thursday we went to the girls Christmas program and art show at school. Addison’s class got strolled around in their buggies and EK’s class sang Silent Night. After the program parents go to each class and collect all the projects and artwork that the kids make…it is soo cute! My favorite this year was EK’s handprint used as a Christmas Tree on a red plate…and both Addison’s footprints put on a white plate and says Mistletoes!

Friday night we hosted a dinner party for Adsit. We invited Don and Johnny, Don is the owner and Johnny is the maintenance manager. Both their wives and Johnny’s daughters came as well. Michael and I fixed Villane pork tenderloin which is absolutely delicious, sweet and sour green beans, and sour cream ranch mashed potatoes. We had a fabulous good time! Johnny’s daughter is in culinary school at the W in Columbus, his other daughter will be a freshman at State next year. She was asking Michael and I all sorts of questions, which was fun! We ate and mowed down carrot cake that his daughter made. Then we visited for a little bit and everyone went on home!

When we drug Christmas out this year, I thought I had took pictures of last year’s decor, but I didn’t. So this year I took pictures…and this is what part of our house looks like for Christmas. The table not so much…that was for the dinner party. (So these pictures are more for me…so next year I can look back on here and whip out some decorating super quick!

I am finally finished with all my Christmas crafts…my dad made and stained little Christmas trees and I finished them off with mod podge and ribbon. We gave those to all the teachers, ballet instructors, and maids. My mom made really cute kitchen towels and the teachers got those as well. I had my upstairs full of craft projects…I thought I took a picture of it, but I didn’t. This past week I made Christmas ornaments of the girls. I took their picture and taped scrap book paper on the back of them and put them inside plastic ornaments. Holly and I did it last year, but we used glass ornaments…and most all of them broke! Over the summer I found big plastic ones and decided they would be perfect!!

We have another busy week ahead of us! We still haven’t been to see Santa! EK has her last class of ballet for the year tonight. Tomorrow we are heading to Mimi and Papa’s for our weekly Wednesday trip and Thursday we are going to take the girls to see Santa and to Starry Nights that night! More pictures to come!

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