17 Days away…

Christmas that is. I decided last week that I had too many projects going on at the moment. Two big ones were sort of finished this week. I will post on those later. And good ole thinking me didn’t take any before pictures.

I took some pictures of the chiren in their Christmas PJs the week after Thanksgiving. I think they turned out alright. Addison was kinda hard to capture because she is so…toddlerish!

This is one of my favorites….she had had enough…just fell out on the floor and call me done!

We took the girls to the Arlington Christmas parade last Saturday. We didn’t think it would last all that long since our town is so small…well it started 30 minutes late and there were huge gaps in the parade and we had to leave early because Addison started loosing it. Ella Kate was mad at us. We had people coming over to our house and Addison was tired and hungry. We were not really prepared for the parade at all! We just didn’t think it would last all that long! So we made it up to EK by getting her a pizza for dinner. They did have fun at the parade though. Next year we will be more prepared with drinks, snacks, and chairs for the adults. We did however toss the wagon in the back of my car and put them in that. Those little wagons are just about the bomb for all kinds of situations!

Mimi and Papa reading to the girls.

Patrick and Anne Marie came over last weekend. We hadn’t seen them in about a month. Michael and Patrick played guitar and Anne Marie and I watched and hung out around the fire pit and listened.

We have got a bunch of Christmas things coming up in the next two weeks. I am finishing up some projects. I finished my Christmas shopping yesterday while the chiren were in school. I am also working on EK’s 5th birthday party too! I can’t believe she is going to be 5!!!

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