Petite Jean State Park

A couple of weeks ago, I turned another year older. I have found that ever since I reach my thirties I have a hard time remembering how old I am. Right now as I sit on the couch I am trying to think if I just turned 32 or 33 and then I have to look at how old Michael is and this is the point in our age difference that I seem two years older than him…So I believe he is 31 and I am 33. We are a year and two months in age difference.

We usually go camping for my birthday and the Kerstings were able to go with us this year! It was their first trip away from the twins! We picked Arkansas this time and narrowed it down to Petite Jean. It was another awesome park that we could take our kids to later. They had playgrounds and fun campsites and whatnot. Hiking here on the other hand might be a little more difficult with little people.

We rolled in Friday night and set up camp and made red beans and rice for dinner. Then we hung out around the campfire and chatted. Saturday we got things rolling with bacon and eggs…packed up some daypacks and headed for the trails. And what a trail it was, which you will see in the pictures! It was beautiful…we nailed the fall foliage on the head and the weather was perfect…not too cold and not hot.

We had a fine time hiking and it was pretty easy going down. I took about 5 pictures and asked if Michael would hold the camera…I have a tendency of rolling ankles and falling down….and breaking cameras. I didn’t fall this trip…and Michael took hundreds of pictures! After we went hiking we decided to go back to camp and mow down some hot ham and cheese sandwiches. We then packed it up again and decided to drive around to all the overlooks. We also stopped by a country store and Amanda got some fudge and Michael got some ice cream.

We went back to camp and gathered wood for the fire. Michael and Mark were gone for a little while and all of a sudden we could see a tree being shook around and then it fell down…we both started cracking up and the boys came back with a 30′ dead pine tree. Good stuff! (They would both end up with poison ivy.) We fired up the fire and gathered round to warm up. We mowed down bbq chicken with white bbq sauce and pasta salad. It was sooo good! We brought smores for desert but were so full we didn’t even crack them open! We went to bed and at about 6:30 it started sprinkling, so everyone got out and packed up the gear and headed back home!

It was a fabulous birthday camping trip! So glad the Kerstings got to come as well!! We can’t wait till all our kids older and we can take them all camping!

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