Climbing and a craft for the kids.

I got all backed up on everything for about two weeks. Addison started off with a fever, a runny nose, and a crazy cough. EK had a little fever and a runny nose. Just when I thought that her $200 symbicort inhaler might be working…BAM! Full out asthma attack. FUN! So I decided to take her in the day that she was suppose to have her Thanksgiving Feast at school. So I dropped Addison off at school and off we went to the dr. Vitals were pretty good and the albuterol was opening her up. He checked her oxygen level and it was a little low, but she was on drugs and breathing spastically. He was concerned about her O2 levels so he ordered up some roids and antibiotics. Great.

The Tuesday before EK’s teacher said that Croup and the stomach virus was going around. Addison had a gnarly cough the week before. She actually missed school too. When I went home Tuesday I googled croup and it described Addison perfectly. She is over it now, and I never did take her to the dr. Her nose is just running non-stop and has been since I don’t know…September? Gross.

Addison discovered something this past week…climbing. I threw a pillow down right near the foot of the couch and up she went. She is climbing on everything…any chair, couch, table…you name it she has conquered it and left the snot all over it for proof. I can safely say we will be getting new couches once this stage is over, so maybe in 2 or 3 years.

I made the girls a felt Christmas tree this week and had all my supplies on the dining room table. I had to go get something out of the laundry room and Addison was standing next to the dining room chair and I said…mmm I don’t think she has it and left to get something. Well, I was wrong. She had it…all the way up to standing on the dining room table. So what did I do? I grabbed my camera and took a picture and then said Addison!!! NO NO!! Then I put her on the ground and she cried at me!


In trouble!

She climbed on the table three more times that day. She has not done it since. We have to pull two chairs completely away from the table…and then she climbs on those and stands in them. EK never climbed…so this is new for me!

I made the girls a felt Christmas tree and slapped it up on a wall. They LOVE it! I am glad it went over well. I am always worried about doing something for them and they just don’t care…but they have been decorating it and redecorating it. Ella Kate is helping me make the ornaments for it. She likes that part too.

Addison is a ball of light! When she sees Christmas decorations, trees, blowups, anything she immediately starts screaming and pointing. I took her to Bed Bath and Beyond last week and she saw an inflatable tree and screamed at the top of her lungs and pointed. There was actually a little old lady in front of it and she said it seems like she knows me….and I said, no…its Christmas decor!

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