Beginning of Christmas!

Our tradition after Thanksgiving is to get all our Christmas out Thanksgiving night! We started it this way so when EK was little she wouldn’t be all up in stuff she didn’t need to be in. This was the first year she got to help decorate the tree!

Our elf on the shelf arrived Friday morning…we actually have two, one for each girl…so when they are older that can each take one with them for their families. EK’s elf is named Mr. Jingles…and Addison’s doesn’t have a name yet…but I have been calling him Mr. Jangles.

They arrived via Christmas balloons!

How do we tell them apart? Well Mr. Jingles (EK’s elf) had a small accident in 2010…he was dangling from the ceiling fan in the kitchen and I turned on the light to look for something and Mr. Jingles boots got burned. So he has white boots now. True story.
EK’s reaction to her elf balloon!

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