Shots and stuff

Last week before we went camping, the girls got their flu shots and EK got her 5 year shots. Yikes.

I told Michael on Monday that I would more than likely need back-up for shot day which was Wednesday. He was able to go..yay. I told EK earlier that she was going to be getting a good bit of shots and that it might hurt a little. I don’t know if that was a good thing, but she was a little worried. On the way to the dr. office I asked if she wanted to go first or Addison and she said Addison.

Addison also had a weight check and she had lost .5 oz. Little girl weighs only 18.5 lbs. Grrrrr. No, the dr. didn’t say anything, we just had her weighed and she got her flu shot. The little ones are so easy and recover so quickly. We go in for her 18 month check up the first week of December. Needless to say I am a little worried about this kid and her weight. She has been eating junk food and loads of it. Cookies, rolls, icecream, pizza…but she is still so picky about most food!

Then it was EK’s turn who immediately started screaming as soon as her bottom left her chair. Michael tried to be gentle with her and the nurse said No, your gonna have to lay on top of her. She got 5 shots in the thighs total. She was as mad as a hornet and had kicked off her cowboy boots. After about 5 minutes of insane crying…and a few tear wipes on Mom’s end, the room became somewhat calm. No one could hear a thing because our ears were still ringing. Addison didn’t know what to think!

The nurses gave EK a ton of stickers, suckers, and some necklaces and all was good in the world. She requested that Dad carry her to the car because she couldn’t walk. She picked dinner that night, a pepperoni pizza from Papa Murphy’s and afterwards we went to Yogurt Mountain for some cake batter ice cream.

Shots on big kids are nuts…but luckily those were her last ones! Minus weekly allergy injections and yearly flu shots!

We had a wonderful time camping and as soon as I get my pictures uploaded I’ll show you some view of Petit Jean St. Park..the weather was BRILLANT after all!

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