No TV Tuesday!

Not many pictures to post right now. We had a busy weekend with company coming over Friday and Saturday night. The Dodds got back in town from Patrick’s project and we had them over for dinner and the Kerstings came over too. Saturday we had the new Lack’s over for dinner. We hadn’t seen them since their wedding! We had a blast catching up with our friends over the weekend!

Michael and I are starting our first official Bible Study tonight. We are starting with Matthew and got a book on it to read through as we go. Yay!

This week we are preparing to go camping with the Kerstings over the weekend. We are going to Petit Jean in Arkansas. We are both super excited to go! The weather is suppose to be “brilliant” according to The Weather Channel. So yeehaw! We are fired up!

Today I am exactly half-way through my Insanity program. It has been Tough with a capital T. This week is a “recovery week” yeah right, I am so sore I can barely move! I must say though, I am really enjoying doing it. I even have a new motto…”Sweat everyday.” I have 4.5 weeks left to go and I am probably just going to keep repeating it. I am a little nervous about the next 4 weeks, I have no idea what to expect and I am pretty sure it is way harder than the first 4 weeks.

I have noticed more definition in my legs, arms, shoulders…and a little bit in my abs. Having two babies really does a number on the abs. Everything is all crazy looking and out of line. I can tell that they are getting stronger but man getting over the pregnancy pooch is just tough work! Holly and I were talking about that a couple of weeks ago. How hard it is…and she is like 90 lbs and has the same trubs.

But anyways…just a little catch up from us!

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