Well we took the girls to Off the Hoof for burgers and fries…and fried pickles which was my special Halloween treat. I have a mild obsession with fried pickles. I will mow them down. Yum. I told Michael that I am going to sneak in some Comeback sauce because it would make them even more delicious!

After dinner we went home and got their costumes on and headed out. And here is Ella Kate’s loot! Our neighborhood is almost out of control on Halloween night. People get their trucks and ATV’s and put trailers on them and pile as many kids on it as possible. I don’t even know if they are from our neighborhood or not.

Here are the chiren posin for their Halloween shots!

First house!

Addison rolled in the wagon…have thumb and hair twirl and carry on. She had it made! Pulled in a wagon with a big ole blanket and a sippy!

I left Michael and EK around 7:15 and had Addison in the bed by 7:30. I got my setup outside and passed out a bunch of candy. EK and Michael came back and she emptied her bag and I went back out with her for one more street. She scored big time at the first house. I heard the man say “Jackpot!” and dumped all of his candy in her bag. She was so excited! We went to about 10 houses and she was tired and ready to go home and “Enjoy some candy!” She ate 5 pieces and was in bed at 9.

Addison mowed down some Reece’s Pieces today. Those are her fave!

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