Halloween Parade at School

Yesterday at school the girls had their Halloween Parade and Parties. The Parade is pretty intense, it involves all the classes and Michael and I tried counting the number of meltdowns when kids saw their parents and wanted to go see them. It was chaos! Addison, in her usual fashion, sucked her thumb, twirled her hair, and carried on.

Ella Kate wore her Izzy costume and she was the only Izzy out of the bunch! There were a ton of Jakes though!

Ella Kate is in the oldest class and her class and the one below her were the only ones who actually do what they are suppose to. They sang three songs and the only one I actually recognized was 5 Little Pumpkins.

Sure can’t twirl your hair when you Zebra hat is on.
Random picture from today…after many weeks of begging from EK, I let Addison eat at their table. After Addison finished, she immediately fell out of her chair. I caught her but she was still in shock. Definitely won’t let her eat there by herself.

Our big ole pumpkin! Michael and I aren’t real big fans of carving pumpkins so he winged it. I like that it looks like vomit is coming out of its mouth.
One of my faves from the day! She loved it!

As I was getting the girls in their costumes before school, I realized that I didn’t know how to tie a du-rag. I tried to figure it out by what Michael had done for church, but it looked weird. So I googled how to tie a du-rag bandana and found a you tube video! Ha!

After the parade they all went trick or treating to each of the classrooms. Addison got a ton of stuff she can’t eat, so I gave all of it to Ella Kate minus some marshmallows.

After that I volunteered for Ella Kate’s class party. It was quite crazy but they had fun. They played games, made food necklaces, danced, crafted, and got their faces painted and tattooed. Ellagator selected herself a bat for her hand. She refused to put said bat hand in the tub at bath time. She is going to try and keep it on for a loooooong time she said!

This morning I surprised the girls with donuts and we watched some recorded Halloween shows, did some Halloween crafts and ate lunch. Tonight we might hit up our local burger joint, Off the Hoof…and get all geared up and hit the streets for some light trick or treating with Addison and Ellers and then some heavy trick or treating with EK when Addison goes to bed. Last year EK and I stayed out till almost 9:00. It was super cra cra!

Happy Halloween!!!

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