in 3..2..1..

Second and Third Cousins!

Uncle Junior (Dad’s older brother) and Aunt Becky (hosts)

Addison hamming it up on the hayride!

On Saturday we got up and started packing for our day trip to Corinth, MS. My parents grew up there most of their lives. My mom and dad are high school sweethearts, his mama taught my mom math. Funny cause my mom taught Michael in the 5th grade. Anyways. They are from Kossuth, MS which is a small town right before you get into Corinth. Kinda like how Arlington is to Memphis. We left after lunch and arrived at the Halloween Hoe Down. I was a little worried about Addison because she wouldn’t be taking an afternoon nap. But she held her own for the most part. We arrived and food was being grilled and we took the girls outside to explore the farm. I have many memories of my cousins and I jumping hay bales in the barn. We would knock one of our cousins down in a hole and he couldn’t get back up! I also remember Holly getting bucked off a horse and everyone laughing at what had happen. That horse didn’t like Holly. We took the kids to the barn and lordy the cameras came out! Bring those city girls to the country and its mad paparazzi like! They had a blast playing on the hay bales, checking out an orphaned cat, running with the farm dogs and chasing the farm cat. Ella Kate and Anna Claire had a ball…as did Addison, but you know, she doesn’t show too much emotion unless her diaper is in a wad.

We mowed down hamburgers, hotdogs, chips and dips…and a mad amount of desserts! After lunch or dinner, still not sure what meal that was the kids played games. The first game was a pumpkin hunt. Ella Kate was all bothered because she went on a tangent with a pine tree and ended up only collecting one pumpkin and she didn’t like it because it was a white one. Silly girl. Then the kids played pin the tail on the cat…and Ella Kate was the first in line and nailed it and ended up winning. She got a green glowy bouncy ball as a reward. She was quite tickled with herself. After the games they had a costume parade around the pasture and house. Then we all piled on for a hay-less hay ride. Meaning we piled a buncha people on a trailer with no hay and set off. Addison LOVED it. She would cry when I made her sit down or hold her up. She kept standing and walking around and then bam! Over she went. She fell at least 50 times and never cried except when I touched her. We went all through my uncle’s land and my dad’s land which consists of Scout Lake. Michael and I said something about taking our girls camping and fishing there when they are older. Oh, forgot to mention that there were cows all over the place! As soon as we got to their pasture they ran up to the truck and trailer because they thought we were feeding them! After the ride we went back to the house for a bon fire and roasting marshmallows. EK mowed down a bunch and then we packed it up and headed home.

Addison mowed down a ton of goldfish and passed out in her seat on the way home! Overall it was a super fun day!! So glad to see my family!

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