As previously mentioned we have been trying to take advantage of the nice weather and daylight afternoon hours. Monday I put the girls swings up, brought bubbles and balls out and we have been tearing up the backyard.

This week we are eating out on the deck. Ella Kate loves it, she calls it dining Alfresco! That’s fancy for eating outside. Thanks Fancy Nancy! One of Ella Kate’s favorite book characters!

Here is Ella Kate before school on Monday. She is starting to have more of an opinion about what she wears to school. I told her she needed to wear her Halloween shirts this week and next, because once its over, we put them up. So here she is in her pumpkin shirt from Mimi! The shirt came with zigzag orange, black, and white pants that are a little too short, but I realized she could still wear them if she wore her boots with them.

Michael and I had our first bible study meeting last night. We decided on what we wanted out of our studies and where we should begin and things like that. We have decided on starting with Matthew. Then Mark and Luke. We also decided that there wasn’t going to be a time frame, because theoretically we have the rest of our lives. But we did say we should do Luke in December. So we have started with Matthew and I am going to try and find some study guides and other aids for us.

We have two more weeks of CSA left for the year. I am taking the girls with me to pick it up today. I also have a surprise in store…taking them to My Big Backyard. I have never been, Ella Kate has. Michael has started running again and we normally go to my parents house for Wednesdays but we took a hiatus because of the Traveller, pansies, and they are out of town this week.

This weekend we are planning on going to my family’s farm in Corinth, MS. My Uncle Junior and Aunt Becky are planning a big party with a bon fire and hayride. We thought it would be fun for the girls to go. Addison hasn’t met many of these folks and hopefully she will do okay without a nap! We are hoping to get back in time for our big game. Bama VS. MSU…we are their homecoming game. Urgh. We are both 7-0 too. Sooo I hope its a good game!

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