Addison will be 17 months old in November. She has a few quirks about her that I would like to remember. She sucks her left thumb and twirls her hair with her right hand. She does this all the time but especially when she is sad, sleepy, or shy. She has some favorite things to carry with her most of the time…and I try and keep them with her when we leave the house. One of them is a white bunny rattle blanket that Ella Kate gave her when she was born. I actually got two of them (good thing). She has a pink swaddle blanket with her name on it that she loves as well. She also has a passion for baby dolls too. Ella Kate’s passion for baby dolls didn’t develop until Addison started playing with her baby dolls. Imagine that. So since Ella Kate decided she liked her dolls and plays with them and won’t let Addison near them, I got Addison her own doll. And she carries it under her arm. She hugs and kisses it and tries to feed it.

She also loves sleep sacks! She grabs one when she is tired and will bring it to me. She has also mastered walking in the sleep sack which is hilarious to watch! I need to record it. She will walk or run in it and then bam, fall out on the floor and laugh about it:

She is such a sweet little girl. She still has her afternoon drama queen moments. She can’t stand it when I make dinner. She will throw some tantrums and walk up to me with her arms up and I have raw chicken in my hand. Ella Kate can sometimes comfort her, which is a good thing!

My goal for 2013 is to update this blog as much as I can. I don’t scrapbook or keep photo books…I blog. I actually showed Ella Kate some posts over the years and told her I was documenting her life. I am going to start making blog books out of it, but they are a little expensive and I am already almost 6 years behind. So I told her I was making books out of them so she and Addison could enjoy them when they are older and more appreciative of things like that. So that’s one of my goals for 2013 is to blog more for them. It use to be for updating friends and family and I know not many people read this thing anymore…so now its for them! I was going to start Project Life binders but realized it is rather expensive and takes time that I can’t find. So I decided to just continue with what has worked since 2007!

We are still rocking out our no TV Tuesdays. Michael has recently voiced his opinion about doing a bible study and even thought about joining a group. I told him I would like to do one, but I don’t like leaving my kids that much, and that I thought it would be fun if we did it together. So tonight we are going to do some research and see what we actually want from our studies and see if we can develop some sort of curriculum. We are both excited about it and we decided to dedicate our no TV Tuesdays to our bible studies.

I have been pushing the girls to go outside more and more, the weather is so nice and we still have light at 6:00. So this week we are eating outside every night and playing till the sun goes down. Yesterday I put both the swings up on the arbor and let the girls swing. They played with bubbles and balls. I tried to teach EK how to do a cartwheel…and then we rolled in the grass. We sure can’t wait for that trampoline! Addison actually walked out in the grass with some hesitation and then decided it might be okay.

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