Corn Maze and Pumpkin Picking

After naps on Saturday, we got the girls ready with muck boots and Halloween gear and headed out to the Corn Maze at the AgriCenter. Ella Kate was not sure about the corn maze, she didn’t really understand it. But after we got there and she saw it…she went crazy nuts running around the maze and picking at corn! Addison also had a ball and ran around the maze too. Both girls tripped and fell flat out, Addison with dirt all over her face. Ella Kate fell at the finish line in the mud and completely lost her marbles. She had mud all over her!

This girl sprints now!
Ellers dancing to the music!

Had to take a picture of the sad little pumpkin princess who got dirty. Michael asked, how is she our kid?? Coming from two parents who like getting dirty!
That picture makes me smile!
After wiping the girls down with baby wipes, we drove over to the Farmer’s Market and were just going to look at the pumpkins. If the prices were okay, we might get one…I mean $3.99 at Kroger is fairly appealing. The girls had so much fun running and sitting on pumpkins. Ella Kate had at least 16 pumpkins picked out. 

Ellagator has a new obsession…braided pigtails. So this weekend I am going to try and find  a you tube video of how to do the two french braids down the sides and practice on her.

Look at that monster pumpkin!!!

I threw the kids in by the pumpkin we picked for scale. It is bigger than Addison. It was only $15 bucks so we got it. Good shape too! We usually get about 2 or 3 depending on the size because we use the innards and the rest of the pumpkin in our Pumpkin spiced ale which we make directly after Halloween! See those acorns in Addison’s mouth? That is a Bur Oak nut. They are HUGE acorns. I was planting pansies last week at Parkway Place and noticed the tree and started looking for the nuts. I picked 30 of them to use for fall decor and I knew EK would love them! I am drying them out and gluing the tops back on them. When they dry, the tops come off of them.

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