Farm Day!

Every year the girl’s school has a “Farm Day.” They have a bouncy house, train, petting zoo, and a donkey ride. With the toddlers they ask for parents to help because they are hard to keep up with. I didn’t think I was going to be able to help because I was suppose to be planting pansies all week.

This year we planted 4 weeks of pansies in 4 days. I planted one full day the week before and 2.5 days this past week and I was finished. I really like planting like that, but it is super hard on the guys and on me. But I am glad to be finished that quickly so I won’t be away from my girls too long.

Anyways, so I was able to volunteer and I am really glad I was able too because Addison is just so small. She is also very peculiar as to who she will let hold her. So I just kept up with her the entire time.

Pumpkin patch.
Her entire class, she is one of two girls.
Riding the train.
Pettin zoo.
She poked a goat and ran off. Look how much bigger her classmates are.
Wasn’t fond of train riding without mom.

I had to hold her while she road the pony. The other room mom was taking pictures and she is emailing me one of Addison. She opted out of the bouncy house. I tried to shove her in, and she started we sat that one out.

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