Fall Break

The girls were on fall break two weeks ago and in usual fashion we didn’t go anywhere. I had a day of planting pansies, so Michael stayed with them that day. The week before I went to Hobby Lobby and Michael’s to gather some crafts for Ella Kate to do. She also was star of the week this past week and we had to make her star of the week poster. I asked her what color she wanted her poster and she said purple. So I went with that. Throughout the week we worked on our crafts and writing her name and worked on her letters. She is beginning to read which is very exciting since she loves reading so much!

Here is her finished star of the week poster. I mounted a piece of purple illustration paper on foam core and glued the ribbon as the border for her. She helped by holding the ribbon down. Next came the “bedazzling.” I gave her a huge bag of glitter letter and told her to pick all the purple letters out and then to spell her name for me. So she picked that out and decided where she wanted them to go on her poster. Then she decided where the “jewels” would go. We got on the internet and picked out pictures of her and of her doing her favorite things! She loved it!

I got a wooden pumpkin for a dollar and I had some acrylic paint at home and I let her paint it, sans shirt!

Here is a fun picture of Addison and her hair. She woke up like this!

Here is her finished product, actually its not. I had taped off the stem so she wouldn’t paint it and then I painted the stem for her. She cut yellow tissue paper and put them in between two sheets of contact paper and we glued it to the back of the pumpkin. We tied a black ribbon through the stem and hung it in the window of our dining room to let the light shine through the paper. She thought that was the cat’s meow.

My itty bitty.

This was also a hit with EK. She is getting better and better at staying in the lines and I have been encouraging her to use different colors while she colors instead of purple and pink over the whole thing. We took one of our Halloween books that is all about witches and talked about what they looked like and she decided on this for her wooden mask…also a buck!

We had one more project we did and it was a gigantic foam pumpkin with eyes, nose, and mouth stickers she could put on it. I have a picture of it on my phone and it is now hanging on her bathroom door. This girl loves doing projects!

Towards the end of fall break I decided to do a little crafting on my own. I got two of those craft pumpkins you can carve and cut the stem off the bigger one. I drilled a 1″ hole through that stem and a 1″ hole on the bottom of the smaller pumpkin. On the back of the bigger pumpkin I drilled a hole towards the back and bottom for a cord to go through. Then I went to town with a pencil and drew circles all over each pumpkin. I took a 1/2″ drill bit and drilled all the holes. I then crammed a 20 strand Christmas light sting into both pumpkins, slapped some decor around it…

and plugged it in!!

Isn’t that fun! I have a bow on it now that I found in my attic. I am obsessed with Christmas lights and am always trying to find a new use for them. I pretty much like anything that glows! Ella Kate thought it was the coolest thing ever! I need to hot glue them together, they are currently just sitting on top of each other.

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