and more pictures!

I am clearing off my camera card for the upcoming race. Hopefully I can take a good amount of pictures of Michael…and his team, me. Kidding. The weather is getting uglier and uglier which makes me more nervous. We still aren’t sure about ole Pat. He is still MIA for the time being. I have two different weather reports as of 3:00 today…one says 66 30% chance of rain and the other 55 60% chance of rain…one being uglier than the other. I did harass the stew out of Michael about getting a rain coat. He said he would just wear a plastic bag…I said, don’t be an idiot…I am sure running in a plastic bag for 100 miles will not be fun. So today I called around to the running stores and he went and tried one on that I put on hold. Its amazing how something as simple as a rain coat can feel like 30 pounds while running. Anyways…to do lists are being made and crossed off. Tonight we are packing most of our gear and tent. Holy Moly.

I took Addison in for a weight check today…18 lbs. 9 oz!! Everyone was pleased with the 9 oz weight gain. So I got her some chick fil a where she wouldn’t eat fries or chicken nuggets. Oh well.

She did however, mow down two pieces of pizza last night sans crust. Maybe that is why she weighed so well?

Garden update…everything has sprouted! These are lettuces…I FINALLY found Kale…after calling many stores. Now when I shop I always call before I go to make sure they have something if I am after a certain thing. I called several Ace Hardware and Lowes etc and went to Whole Foods last week for protein powder and just happen to see seeds as I was leaving. I planted the Kale last hasn’t sprouted yet.
and onions!

We planted several lettuces, kale, spinach, onions, and carrots. Ella Kate helped plant all the seeds. Michael did all the rows. I did the plant spacing and locations. Family effort. Addison was napping.

Every Wednesday I try and get EK to do some crafting since she is out of school. Today was a Halloween picture. She drew everything but the fence, grass, and loan tree. I need to hit up the hobby lobby for some more crafts for her! We also practiced on her letters as well, she is getting very good at writing her whole name!

We were out tending the garden last night and letting the girls play and we found an end of season surprise! Our hops produced this year! Well one vine did. We weren’t expecting any, but we got a tiny bag full! We are going to try and dry them out and add them to our Pumpkin Spiced Ale this fall. Maybe.

Anyway…probably my last update until next week after the Traveller. Keep watching our facebook pages for updates on how Michael is fairing. Wish us luck!


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