Random thoughts

Michael and Ella Kate spent the night at Erica’s house last night. Meemaw (Jimmy’s mama) is in town and staying there. I went home with Addison last night and we are heading over there again this afternoon.

I had an unbelievable amount of free time on my hands this morning..I worked some and then I went through my entire wardrobe piece by piece. I don’t have many clothes at all. My gear usually consists of jeans and v necks. I still think one of the best things to wear is a white v neck and jeans. I am always on the look out for a perfect white v neck. This summer I found some at Target and I bought 8 of them. Excessive, yes. But I wear the mess out of them and then end up looking dingy. I liked these so much that I stocked up. I have only worn two and the rest are in storage.

When I was in college I mainly wore concert t-shirts, college t-shirts, v necks, jeans and shorts. I have never really been into clothes that much.

When I graduated college and got a real job my mom bought me “professional” clothes. I had a really nice selection of dress pants, skirts, dresses, blouses, suits, and tops.

When I worked at Adsit, in the office…my outfit was car-harts, jeans, camo pants, and Adsit t-shirts and sweat shirts.

When I got pregnant with EK and delivered her, I went through a short shirt phenomenon as my sister and I called it. I practically got rid of every shirt I owned because it was too short now. I don’t know if I got taller or my bones stretched out, but they were almost midriff shirts. We still talk about that…it happened with her too.

Now that I am working from home full time and with the kids full time…I am pretty much back to my college days. Except this time I have an obsession with yoga pants and fleece tops. For each season I have about 5 tops that I wear. Michael’s side of the closet is way bigger than mine!

I kept most of my professional clothes, they have been hanging up in my closet since 2004 when I left the engineering firm I worked for. I have been keeping them because they are good basics and I like them a bunch. So I decided to “put them in retirement.” I put them in a bin in case I do need them again. Never know, but hopefully I won’t have to have a “professional job” like that again.

I was thinking all this while I was working on switching everything out…the evolution of your clothes.

EK loves clothes and accessories, I have given her a bunch of my shoes and purses. My life is much simpler now…I wear pretty much one pair of shoes in the spring, summer, and fall…my chacos…and one pair of shoes in the winter…my privos. Oh wait my cowboy boots do make a big showing in the fall and winter too. I love those things! I did however pick up some faux ugg boots at Costco a couple of weeks ago. Mainly to wear as house shoes. I have a weird problem in the winter that if I don’t have a think layer of socks on my feet, my toes start to turn purple and tingle. I have googled it before and they have a term for it. Its because of poor circulation…of course.

But anyway, I told Ella Kate last week that she might have to get her a job in high school to support her accessory habit. She quickly replied, “Mom, I am a girl…girls don’t have to work.” What a character.

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