Arkansas Traveler 100

Well its that time of year again…first week in October means we head to Arkansas for the Traveler. Michael didn’t go last year, he was injured from a previous race. He is very excited about it…I asked him yesterday what his strategy was and he said…”I am going to try and not sweat.”

Last weekend he had a semi big race…a 50k at Bartlett Parks. He did really well. He actually crossed one of his running goals off his list, which was to complete a 50k in under 5 hours. I can’t remember his time, but he was like 9 minutes ahead of the 5 hour mark. I took the girls up there to watch him finish. He said he feels really good going into the traveler now.

So this week we are preparing to embark on our journey. We still aren’t sure if Patrick can come as a pacer, it will definitely be a last minute thing. So, as of now, we are preparing with just the two of us.

I am a little nervous, I am fairly bad with directions and this is a big area and you have to be at certain aid stations at the times Michael has on his sheets. The first time we crewed we missed him at a station. I told him if he doesn’t see me at the stations to not worry about me…I am probably lost, but keep on running. He doesn’t sleep for about 26-28 hours. He is trying to qualify for the Western States 100, which has to be done in under 24 hours. So not only does he not sleep…I don’t really sleep much either. I will be driving around, getting his gear ready, and waiting…I have to pack all my food, tp, clothes, and entertainment and be prepared not to go back to the campsite until he checks in at the last aid station…and I will head back to the finish line. Hopefully.

You never know what can go down at a 100 mile race. I just keep telling him he can’t quit. I just want that drilled into his head in case his mentality declines and he is thinking about dropping. Especially if Patrick doesn’t come. I also asked him if it would be possible for me to get out there with him for the final 15ish miles. He does a good bit of walking around then. I could totally do that. He also said he doesn’t run that hard…but I did mention that to him. Its those last 25 miles or so that really get to him. The weather looks good in the forecast, luckily no rain as of yet. The temp yesterday said 66, but that wasn’t for the mountains, where it is cooler. One year it got pretty cold, like in the upper 40s and Patrick was practically bear hugging him to keep him warm, while running.

Anyways…keep him in your prayers…its going to be fun…and hard.

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