Oh Boo.

Blogger officially changed formats on me. Boo. Oh well. So I guess from now on I will just put the pictures on the bottom instead of throughout the post!

Last night we went to the Open House for Addison and EK. It was fun. They put Addison’s class in these big ole buggies, slapped some bee outfits on them and pushed them around the fellowship hall. EK’s class sang Mr. Sun and they had made suns to put on their faces. We went and visited both of their class rooms and collected our kids and went and ate some cookies and punch.

While we were sitting there eating our cookies, a man was carrying his little girl…little girl puked big time about 10′ from us. We immediately got up and left. EK has never seen anyone do that before, she said what was that girl doing? I said she barfed, don’t look. We bailed out with a quickness. EK kept saying that girl spit cookies out of her mouth. Ha!

Anyhoo, school is going well for them. EK is back in ballet and loving every minute of it. I love having such a good schedule with the girls. It sure does make them happy..and me too!

I am extremely sore! I started my insanity workouts again. This is my first week in and it has been easier with me riding my back. I still try and ride everyday. Hopefully I can get this body of mine whipped back into shape!

Michael has a 32 mile race tomorrow. He is off the next week, and then the next weekend we are off to Lake Sylvia for the big 100 mile race. Yikes. Patrick is suppose to come pace him…hopefully he can make it…but he has some freaking exciting news coming up that may keep him from coming! I can’t talk about it yet…he would kill me! But stay tuned…we are still hoping he can go with us but are very excited for his upcoming “project!”

Now to the pictures!

Ella Kate’s class!

Addison’s class…she is the thumb sucker.

They sang Mr. Sun
Addison’s class, half of them…and her teachers Ms. Natalie (left) and Ms. Alecia.

I put Addison in her new car seat! She loves it!

EK before open house. On a side note, she has worn the same dress for the past two open houses!

And Addison…in her big dress.

One thought on “Oh Boo.

  1. Claire, is Addison forward facing at 18 pounds!?!?!? I know she is a year, but she is so tiny! Isn't this against the law?

    I know you are her momma and you only want what is best for her. I also know that I don't know for sure she is forward facing, or your reasons for doing so, if she is.

    However, I'd never forgive myself if you were in a serious accident and something happened to her and I didn't say something.

    It is so much safer to have them rear-facing for as long as possible. She is still so little! Her little neck can't support her head well enough in an accident. Please look into extended rear facing her, if she is forward facing.

    Again, sorry to put in my two cents – I just want you to know all the facts before you forward face her. I care about you all.

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