Addison went to her 15 month check-up a couple of weeks ago. All went well…minus her weight. She only weighs 18 pounds, which was under 3%. I think she was around 29″ tall which was around 60%.

EK was 21.5 lbs which was 25%. So she was kinda little too.

The Dr. wants us to come in every 4 weeks and have her weighed. Kinda crazy to be doing weight checks with a toddler. She eats well, I have even been giving her stuff that I wouldn’t even let EK touch till she was three. She had reeces pieces for dessert last night. I even broke down and bought a box of Kraft macaroni and cheese (I haven’t bought that in almost 2 years).

He also mentioned having her tested for Celiac disease and Cystic Fibrosis. He said if he was presented her case in medical school, they would want to have the baby “sweated”. Meaning he would send her to LeBonheur and give her some medicine that would make her sweat profusely and they would measure different levels of things. He was taught that blue eyes, fair skinned, light haired babies that have poor weight gain should be tested for those things.

BUT, he doesn’t feel that is the case with Addison. Since she is growing taller..she is still on her own growing curve. She doesn’t have any respiratory problems…he feels that she is just going to be a little girl. Hopefully he is right.

So in the mean time…we are trying to fatten her up!

So from her 12 month to 15 month checkups she only gained 1 lb.

2 thoughts on “Addison

  1. We went through the same thing with Aubrey at about the same age!! She had always been small – about 15%, but at 15 months dropped below the charts. We'll pray she's just petite!!

  2. Try bacon. Haha. No really.

    When I was about a year old, I was admitted to the hospital with “failure to thrive” (not gaining weight) – the doctor sent me home with my mom and told her to feed me “long chain fatty acids” – bacon! Apparently my diet was too strict and healthy (according to the doctor) – my mom said my diet was very healthy, perhaps too much so? Is it possible? Sounds weird.

    I hope you sort it out!

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