I am so AWESOME!!

Really, I am not. Why…because for the past 2 weeks or so, I have been taking pictures with my camera and last Thursday I finally realized that I didn’t have the dern card in it. So boo on me.

I have been trying to figure out how to get pictures off my iphone to my computer. I have to do some sort of importing action.

So we have been playing a ton outside…water table, wagon rides, bike riding, walks, playing in the backyard. That’s what I took pictures of, that don’t exist. Last Thursday we took the girls to the Delta Fair….we met up with Holly, AC, and Mimi too. It was awful hot…everyone was sweating buckets, but we had a blast. It was cooler this weekend and Michael said we should have came on Sunday, I said could you imagine the lines though, cooler weather and weekend. No. About 5:00 it was actually getting a little nicer outside. I had never been to the Delta Fair before. I decided to bring our wagon and packed a back pack full of supplies. EK and AC had a ball…they rode every ride…sometimes twice. We rode the Ferris wheel, went through the petting zoo, and ate a funnel cake. Addison peopled watched and chilled in her wagon for the most part. The highlight for her was drinking sweet tea! Oooo she would fight you for a sip of your tea. So that was her special little treat.

I have pictures from that on my phone. Oh and we also watched Monkey Jockeys…which was monkeys riding dogs. It was hilarious, but also a little sad. They had the monkeys chained to the dogs. We stayed till 7, we were tired, dirty, and smelly.

I am also in the process of getting things for Ella Kate’s 5th birthday (holy cow that kid is going to be 5!!). She is going to be Izzy for Halloween, from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. She loves that show. She has also requested an Izzy birthday party this year. I suddenly realized that I needed to look for a good bit of the supplies this month and next because of Halloween. So today I picked up some gold de blooms, swords, and hooks! She is going to be sooo excited for it! I must say, planning little kids birthdays is too much fun!

Anyway…so whenever I get my pictures figured out…I’ll show em!

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