It’s odd to think that it has been only 11 years ago.

For the past month or so I have been sharing my daily devotional with EK before MoFro “opens his eyes.” Along with that we read in two kids bibles as well. Today we talked about the evil serpent who was in the Garden of Eden. She is finally grasping the stories of the bible which is fun. She new about Easter and the birth of Jesus, but trying to get her to understand other stories was more frustrating than anything. We discussed how we might come in contact with bad things, or people and how we might be tempted to do things that we know we are not suppose to do. Ella Kate said promptly…like “LIE!” She had been getting in trouble over the summer for being dishonest and stealing things while she was suppose to be sleeping…tis why she has a gate up in the hallway.

Anyways…yesterday I got her a United States plastic placemat to use at supper and start learning States. Yesterday we pointed out where Dad was born (Indiana), where I was born (Mississippi), and where Dad and Mom met (Tennessee) and also where she was born. Today I showed her where our Nation’s Capital is and I also pointed out where New York City is. I then decided to give her a glimpse of what happened 11 years ago. I told her many evil people, she said like the serpent, hijacked two airplanes and flew them into two of the tallest buildings in the world and the buildings fell down and many thousands of people, police officers, fire fighters, and children were hurt and went to heaven. She said that is sad. I said yes, it was very very sad. I decided to tell her just a little bit about what happened 11 years ago today. She understood for the most part. She did ask if the people who flew the plane got kicked out of the Garden of Eden like Adam and Eve did…

I didn’t let her see any of the news footage this morning, that’s just something no one should ever see…at any age.

I told her she would learn about it in school when she is older, in history classes and social studies.

And then we prayed.

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