The Weaning

I never really did post on how the weaning went with Big Tiny A. It went sooo much smoother than with EK. She was completely weaned the week before she started school. The following weeks were just fine for me.

Since I have been on a health kick with the whole clean eating, I made the decision to put her on organic soy milk instead of organic milk. Over the summer I have watched a ton of documentaries that have greatly changed the way I look at food as a whole.

One of the movies had a whole section on breastfeeding, formula, and weaning on to milk. And the part that stuck out to me was, “We are the only animal in the world that would drink the milk from another animal.” Which kinda hit home to me, its not natural. It makes sense. So that influenced my decision on what type of milk to put her on. I buy her the Kirkland’s organic soy milk from Costco. She loves it and it has DHA and all that business in it. I have also been encouraging EK to not drink as much milk either.

We use to keep tea going everyday and it was always in our fridge. The only thing we keep in the fridge to drink is water, and Michael’s Gatorade. EK took a liking to my lemon water. Everyday I make a gallon pitcher and put lemons in it and make sure I drink the whole thing. Now I make more of it since EK likes it too. She calls it mom’s water.

I noticed also since weaning her, as I did with EK, I put on some excess baggage. So this week I have been thinking about how I can change that. I always ate a TON of food because with nursing you are burning 500-750 calories A DAY!! So I didn’t have to worry about how much I ate. So my main thing now is portion control. I am having to retrain myself to eat a normal amount.

I have also decided that we are going to try not eating meat during the week. We have been buying meat from farmer’s markets and organic meat and chicken from Costco, but that stuff if pricey. So I have been doing a whole menu shift and leaning more towards vegetarian recipes..and sometimes even vegan recipes. And yes, the family eats it. That way when Michael is the cook on the weekends we can have some chicken or steak or whatnot. That way it is more than a treat.

Also in one of the movies, we have teeth of herbivores, not carnivores. We don’t have big ole fangs like lions and cheetahs…we have teeth that are like the shapes of cow teeth…meant for munching greens and veggies…again making sense to me.

So those are just some tidbits at what my family is working on.

I have also learned from watching the movies and speaking with people who have changed to a cleaner lifestyle, that diets are pointless. You HAVE to make a lifestyle change. Which is what we have been working on all year.

I also stopped clipping coupons unless its for shampoo or rice. I am in and out of the grocery store so quick now…my main focus is the fresh produce, organic aisle, and the dairy aisle.

So I am working on a months worth of recipes to see what we like and don’t like..and it also will vary throughout the year, depending on what is in season. Then I am hoping to just repeat the monthly recipes throughout the year. We are also canning a bunch of veggies and things as well too.

This season with the CSA we have received a plethora of kale. My favorite thing to do with that is make kale chips. You take olive oil, sea salt, and Parmesan cheese and mix it up and bake them. We eat them all right out of the oven. Ella Kate mows them down! I love it! Just last week we received 4 big ole sweet potatoes…I am so looking forward to our fall crops of veggies. Michael and I are planning on tearing down our summer garden and give a try at a fall and winter garden this year. I have onions already sprouting. We have cabbage left as well. So that is also on our to do list…research and plant a fall and winter garden! We love doing this and Ella Kate really learns a lot from how food is grown, cared for, harvested, cooked, and what we do with the plants once they are finished producing. We are going to make a compost pile in the back of our garden where we lost a bunch of azaleas.

I will try and document things as we go along. This weeks homework is determining seeds and where to buy them and then to plan the garden according to size.

Michael said the other week he was tired of watching TV again. So Tuesdays the TV is off. I then said I wish all the shows we watched would just end…and then we wouldn’t have to watch shows as much. So I told him that I was not starting any new shows…and once the series does end…done. I crossed one of my list just last night…and apparently this is the last season for The Office. So I am getting more and more excited about our whole not watching as much TV! We have been taking wagon walks, riding bikes, and playing outside. Addison is really getting the walking down pat…so I am super excited about her exploring our backyard and neighborhood!

Our motto…if it wasn’t alive or came from the ground…don’t eat it!

Anyway…all that from weaning!

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