Here fishy fishy…

A few weeks ago we went to get Ella Kate her allergy shot and we needed to run in Costco afterwards, but I forgot that they opened at 10. So we said something about going to browse around Target and I said lets go to Pet Smart instead. So we went in and checked out all the fish, hamsters, birds, reptiles, dogs and cats. EK was fascinated by the fishies. I said wouldn’t that be fun if we could get some fish. She said oh yes! I said well lets ask dad and see what he thinks.

Dad said no.

Mom did research and tried to find out the easiest and best fish for kids…turns out Beta fish. I did some more research about what type of habitat and stuff like that. Beta fish can’t live in the same tank unless there is a divider. They will kill each other. So, we did some pricing and told Michael about it and he said okay.

So the orange fish, on the left, is Wild Willy (Addison). The red fish, on the right…Colonel Sandwich (EK).

Um they are super duper easy to take care of, we have to change the water once a month. The tank we got has a filter on it..and a light. We feed them every other day. They will follow the girls around and check out what they are doing. Beta fish kinda interact with movement. They also get fired up when they see each other.

Michael was worried because I put the tank on their kitchen table and he thought the cat might mess with it. She has shown no sign of interest in the fish. I did however catch her sitting in a chair and watching them. Lazy cat. The tank is heavy when filled with water…so I don’t think she can mess with it.

EK helped me get everything ready and she feeds them and turns the light on and off. She also picked out all the decorations for the tank.

We are pretty excited to be fish owners! Addison loves it..she stands up and points and squeals at them!

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