August Recap…

Look at this nekkid little baby!

Like I said before, she loves waiting on food in the oven!

I have also come to realize that Addison loves little baby dolls. She picks EK’s up and hugs on it and kisses it! I have also come to realize that she is very attached to a blankie in her crib and a little bunny rattle blanket. I actually bought two when I got them, in case she did like it…and boy she sees that thing and grabs it and hugs it!

Addison trying out EK’s lawn chair!

Addison fell out of lawn chair!

First day of school!

Little girl standing on kitchen stool, which has been removed.

Big sis helping Madison up from falling out of chair!

Meet n Greet at school!


And the reason why we moved the little red stool out of the kitchen…to prevent major falling.

I busted out the old swimmy pool and balls. Eh Addison didn’t take to it very well, I think its because EK went full cra cra in it and freaked her out.

and everyone waiting on cookies.

I have a huge huge bin of shoes from EK and AC…since Addison started school, she has to wear shoes. So she has three pair that fit her. She normally wears her New Balance to school. She thought it was funny when we first put them on her. She would try and kick them off. I have a bunch of pictures on my phone I need to upload. Haven’t figured that one out yet! I went through 5 phones in about 3 months and ended up with and Iphone 4s…finally…we are Iphone people.

My chiren before the meet and greet.

School is going better for people. EK just marched on in and never looked back. One of her friends went to another school this year…it was actually her friend from 2 years ago, that she ended up biting. She talks about her at least once a week.

Addison did quite well the first week, terrible the second week…and today was her first good day. She screamed bloody murder every time I would drop her off. Then today I handed her over to the teacher and she just sort of moaned. I didn’t hear her cry or anything. Then when I picked her up she said that Addison had the best day ever! They had water day today…with slippy slides and swimmy pools. She just sat in the pool and played! I brought her home and she is rocking a 3 hour nap. She is still napping in the morning, so that is part of her trubs at school. She is usually hitting the bed when I drop her off.

And…she is WALKING!! Yay! I forgot how funny it is to watch them learn how to do that. I have videos on my phone…I need to get out of that habit because I know the quality isn’t good. I ordered a ton of fall clothes for the girls and EK was trying hers on…and apparently Addison didn’t like that…I looked over and she pitched a fit and walked towards me. I was like look out…she got mad enough and started walking. Since then she would take 4 or 5 steps and fall out. Now she is walking across rooms and such…she reaches her destination and looks at me and waits for her cheering and clapping! She loves that part! I am so happy for her because I can tell she is happier! Plus I am so looking forward to playing outside in the fall…hopefully I won’t have to tote her around when playing with Ellers!!

So…for the record of my blog…14.5 months…walking.

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