Addison yelled at me.

I had a slightly small angry baby yell at me last night. I have been weaning Addison for 2 months now. Yes, I drug it out. I had a terrible experience with weaning Ella Kate. I think I did it too fast. My chest was so hard for about 2 weeks…I had about a 101-103 temperature, shakes, sweats…I felt like I had the flu!

So I took it easy with Addison. Last night was the first night I didn’t feed her before bed…and she yelled at me. Stood up in her crib, shook her fist and yelled at me. That went on for about 20 minutes and then out like a light and didn’t hear from her till morning.

I guess it went well?

So hopefully, since I drug it out for 2 months, I won’t end up like I did with EK. Oof. That was not fun at all.

I am not sure if I have mentioned anything about ThunderDad on here. Its Michael’s nickname. I have always been the parent who has messed with all problems at night. From potty, diapers, feedings, screamers…you name it I did it. Ella Kate has been waking up due to thunder now for almost a year. When we had that monsoon of storms in May of last year, thunder is not her friend. Nor is she a heavy sleeper like babies are. So as soon as thunder cracks, she screams. I use to go in their and “sleep” with her. But I have always had trouble going back to sleep…so I got fed up one night…thinking I have messed with these babies by myself long enough…not just at night, but during the day too.

I was in EK’s room and was awake for most of the night, I was dog tired the next day and I told Michael he is now in charge of thunder…because that man can sleep through anything…and as I have told Amanda…when his sweet little head hits that pillow, bam dead to the world. So, he is now known as thunderdad. EK loves it. He sprints to her gate (gate still up…she is still getting into stuff) tells her to hush, get back in bed…and he immediately falls asleep. I freakin love it.

I still have no laptop yet.


I did hear from Addison’s new teacher. She is going to be in the Busy Bee class this year. She is also the youngest, and the only one who isn’t walking. Her teachers name is Ms. Alecia…and she said she will be her baby. Also, she is in a class full of boys! So hopefully she won’t get beat up to bad…maybe it will encourage her to get on those feet and get a movin!

So maybe I will get a computer in this week and I can catch up on pictures so I can post on the first days of school!

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