My laptop broke. I did manage to get my desktop running a little faster. I haven’t uploaded any pictures because it is a hassle to do on the desk top.

It was an Adsit computer, so another laptop has been ordered for me. Yay! Cept dude said it would be here in one day. He ordered it Tuesday and I have yet to see it. Boo.

We are gearing up for school starting a week from Monday. I have heard from EK’s teachers and she will be in the Turtle class this year. This is her last year at St. Paul. I haven’t heard from Addison’s teacher yet. We have a meet and greet next Thursday. EK’s teacher sent her a postcard in the mail yesterday and she was sooo excited to get mail!

I am very nervous for Addison. This will be the first time we have been separated. Usually my mom watches her when I have things to do, which has been only a handful of times. I haven’t even let her in the church nursery yet. Also, I am not sure what they do with naps etc. She is still rocking her morning and afternoon naps. So that makes me nervous as well. I am planning on doing what I did last year, and pick the girls up after lunch so they can go home and nap.

We figured Addison would be walking now, and she is not. She is close…just hasn’t started. She took one step the other day and EK didn’t know she was behind her and she knocked her down. She has yet to try again. She cruises all over creation and even gets up and stands for long periods of time. Its so funny. She is just so little! I think that might play into why she hasn’t walked yet. Its almost like she is a 9 month old. Just so tiny! So that also makes me nervous, that she isn’t walking yet. That is the reason why I haven’t put her in the nursery at church too.

I know everything will be fine.

We are about to pack up some junk and head to Holly’s. We are having a little get together for my old roommate Melissa. She is getting married in Yazoo City next weekend. We are also heading down that way next Saturday for the festivities.

Then on Monday…SCHOOL! Well at least for EK, Addison doesn’t start until Tuesday, she is going two days a week…Tuesday and Thursday.

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