Spiraling out of control…

Have pictures, haven’t had time to upload.

Well, uh…last we spoke, Addison and Ella Kate had been sick…EK with a major asthma attack, Addison with the fever, snots, and cough.

Thursday afternoon Addison was being extremely needy and whiney. I took her temp and it was 102. I called the pediatrician at 4:00 but they had already hung up the phone for the day. So I was going to call and get her an appt. in the morning.

Friday rolled around and I called the Dr. for an appointment for Addison, then took Ella Kate to get her blood work done. Nottawholelottafun!

For some reason I thought they might papoose her down, they did no such thing…I had to sit and hold her and hold her arms straight and still. I have never had any trouble with people finding my veins, but pour EK…that lady murdered her arm! She stuck one arm, and dug and dug and dug in her arm. I nearly barfed because of it. I have no fear of needles or anything like that, but good grief…holding EK still while she screamed because they were digging in her arm? No thanks. So they tried in the other arm, one vein was obvious and she hit it…but no blood came out. So they dug a little more and finally got it. They had to fill 4 viles of blood. Once they hit the jackpot, she calmed down and watched the blood come out. The place we went wasn’t like in a room or anything, it was out in the open, so people could see you. Three ladies were in the room watching this go down. All of them were cringing and then said what a good job she did. Everyone tried to talk to her after it was over but Ella Kate was so mad she stormed out the door. I think she was more mad at not getting a sticker. But, in a flurry of sick people and getting places I grabbed a sucker out the door…so I gave her that after her blood work.

Side note, blood work came back within normal limits. We go in on the 23rd for review and medicine upgrades. So apparently it is just normal to have pneumonia 3 times in a year.

After that appointment, we booked it to the pediatrician…switched cars and kids. Michael took EK home, I took Addison to her appointment. Pneumonia. Great. But, the Dr. said Addison was on the mends, and wanted to see how she would do without antibiotics. She improved on Tylenol, she just had a nasty cough for about a week.

Meanwhile, lucky ole me started to feel like the pits. The Dr. asked how I had been feeling and I told him I thought I was going to get what they have. I dosed myself up on mucinex and tried to steam through the weekend and week.

We were actually staying at Holly’s house starting that Sunday…they went to South Carolina to see Drew’s parents. So we were house sitting and swimming. Tuesday my parents came to get EK to go to story time…and my mom mentioned how bad I sounded. So I decided to go to a minor medical. I was told I had allergies. I was about to tell that lady she shouldn’t be a dr. After she was in the room for all of 2 minutes, I was prescribed some weird antibiotic and nothing for a cough. I didn’t even get a sinus cocktail shot. Boo. Next thing I new the nurse was in the room and handed me a prescription. I then asked the nurse if those meds were okay because I was still breast feeding. She went to ask the dr. who freaking left! so they had o ask another dr. and no they weren’t safe. I told the nurse when she came back in that that lady was a terrible doctor. She didn’t even ask me my symptoms or anything.

I was put on zpac and some other medicine that EK uses for asthma. Which I thought was not right. I went to kroger to pick them up and the pharmacist said that Dr. prescribed an antibiotic that they haven’t seen in years. I took the zpac, still feel like poo, stopped taking asthma medicine because it gave me vertigo.

In then end, I do not recommend the minor medical on trinity road.

And when I left, I had a 300 dollar bill. Retarded!

But, this week, all kids are back to normal…Mom is still coughing and snotty though!

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