My Goodness My Guiness!

My thought for the week…I love how when the weather turns hot like this, I am automatically wanting fall to be here. Memphis weather will straight up take your breath away when you walk out the door. Straight up.

And it did take Ella Kate’s breath away. Full blown asthma attack Friday. Fantastic. She had been running a high temperature as well. Saturday I counted her breaths per minute (bpm) and she was at 55. I gave her a breathing treatment and it knocked it down to 45 bpm. Not good. So we called the pediatrician and they wanted to see us immediately. I have learned that when you say asthma to drs. everything is an emergency. So we rushed in and she was super freaky tight. They took her O2 stats and luckily those were okay, so no ambulances or trip to the ER. I really need to invest in one of those. The O2 stats determine how bad of an attack it is. Anything under 90 is bad. She was at 92. They gave her a treatment at the office and she cleared her lungs except one spot. So we are currently loaded up with steroids and antibiotics. I didn’t see our regular dr. since it was Saturday…and since she broke through her daily controller…she said we need to revise our preventative plan…and that we should also get her immune system checked.

So yesterday, I called the allergist and let them know what was going on and they are sending us to get blood work done and we are meet with the allergist two weeks after the blood work testing and go over the results and revise meds. The point of the controller is so she won’t have asthma attacks. Her current controller apparently isn’t doing the trick.

I forgot to mention that she got two big shots in the thighs while at the Dr. OMW! That kid freaked out! And she got her finger pricked. Needless to say, we ate ice cream for lunch that day.

Then come Monday Addison gets sick. She had 101 fever, snots, and coughs. So what did I do? I went out of town. She actually got the fever after we left. She has no fever now, but is congested and is also has a bad case of the drools. She is getting 8 teeth at the moment, 4 molars, and 4 incisors. EEEK!

Michael and I left for Nashville around 9 Monday. We were off to the Mercy Lounge to see Joe Purdy play. It was amazing! The venue was also amazing! If you get a chance to see him…do it. He played with a 6 string band called the Giving Tree Band. Joe has a tendency to write and record 2 or 3 albums a year. He wanted to produce 10 albums before he was 30 and he did just that…and each one of them are fantastic! He is also an independent artist…he produces his own records and has no label. That is one of the reasons he isn’t really big. But he has songs that have been played on Grey’s Anatomy (regular songs on that show) and Lost and a couple of commercials. He played my favorite song, I love the rain the most! So pretty! We also got to meet him. We got to the Mercy Lounge and went inside, but they weren’t letting anyone in…but we could hear the sound check. Then he came downstairs and we chatted with him for a couple of minutes. They played for 5 hours and every song was awesome with that string band!

So that’s what we have been up too!

I am thinking about starting up a project I have been looking into…It’s called Project Life…google it…it is pretty neato! More on that later!

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