I think I have decided to stick with blogger. For now. I am looking at various things to make and do with the blog. It is currently open to the public because I am working on blog books. I have found a really cool website that turns blogs into books…and I am working on them…year by year…I currently have 5.5 years to sort through..and edit…and rearrange. They are going to cost around $50 a pop…which is kinda pricey, but I have detailed every bit of my life on this thing…since pre Ella Kate.

Oh, you have to have your blog open to the public to be able to make these books.


Anniversary dinner was excellent! We went to Felicia Suzanne’s downtown and it was delicious! I talked to my friend Page who recommended places all over Memphis to eat…and since we wanted to go see Patrick play, we went with Felicia’s. We started with a fried green tomato salad…OH MY WORD…soooo good! And then we had beef tenderloin with some herbed garlic butter on top…OH MY WORD WORD! We brought our own bottle of wine, which we has been in our “cellar” for several years. It was oh so good! We wrapped up dinner and walked down to Beale Street and booked it into the Blues Hall where Patrick’s wife Anne Marie and some people we have met over the years while Patrick has been playing on Beale. They are from Ohio…Brent and Kim…we all tore it up…we danced, we sang, we stayed up way too late!

Seriously, staying up till 1:30 and having to get up at 7:00 does no good for anyone. At all. Especially since we normally go to bed at 8:00. Yes, I do rock out around 10 hours of sleep a night.

I mustered up some energy and made the girls and Michael some organic Belgian Waffles, which has become my specialty with my new Belgian Waffle maker. Ella Kate mows down two whole waffles…and Addison ate half of one. EK looks forwards to these every weekend. Michael was all sad because his bacon had molded. Oops.

We hung out around the house while Addison napped and when she woke up, we went to Cracker Barrel and picked up our order of their Sunday Fried Chicken. Go to Cracker Barrel on Sundays and order their chicken. They only have it on Sundays…and it so ridiculously good. PS…you get two chicken breasts in and order…Michael and I usually share one order.

Then we headed to my parents house…and put all the little people to bed. Then all the big people got in the pool. And finally! The water was just right, not too cold at all! We spent the whole afternoon in the pool. Addison even enjoyed herself. She is just not fond of getting splashed, which Anna Claire loves doing!

We all got out and mowed down some beef brisket…ate some cake…and my dad opened his father’s day presents from all of us. It was a good Father’s Day in my book!

I forgot my camera!!! BOOO!!

Ella Kate is enjoying her ballet camp. Yesterday’s theme was Cinderella, today was Ariel. Thursday she gets to wear one of her Disney costumes and she has picked Tinkerbell. She has been complaining about her ear since Sunday. So I have made an appointment for this afternoon to rule out ear infection or swimmer’s ear. I have been putting swim ear in her ear, and she says it feels better. So better safe than sorry.


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