June 12, 2012

Well this past week Michael and I celebrated 8 years of marriage…which brings our grand total of 16 years together. We celebrated with the girls…spaghetti dinner action! This week has been go go go go go sleep go go go go. I woke up to Mo Mo going off on the monitor and just laid in bed for 5 more minutes yesterday. We were all worn out. Today is the last day of VBS and the end of the first week of swimming lessons. AC and EK are doing well on their swimming. This year they are teaching them to swim, come up for air, swim more. EK went off the deep end and swam, came up for air, and swam further….to the shallow in. They are also teaching her to swim more with her arms as well. They have one more week of lessons. She is pretty excited with her new skills.

She has a “Disney Princess” ballet camp next week at the GPAC. She is so pumped for that! She gets to wear her ballet gear.

So our schedule consists of dropping her off at vbs or gpac…going to Hollys to let Addison nap, get her up, feed her lunch, pick up EK…bring them back to Hollys and everyone naps…wake up and swimming lessons and then go home and scrounge something up for dinner. I am beat by 7:00!

Well we are celebrating Michael’s Father’s Day tonight…and our Anniversary tomorrow night. We are going to Felicia Suzanne’s downtown and to see Patrick play. Woo!

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