Holy Moly…Addison turned 1!!

Can you believe it?! A whole dern year has passed with AGP. I love spending weeks planning the big day and getting all the tiny details nailed down…crafts made etc…and she just has no idea at all. I love the fact that one day they just wake up…someone tells them its their birthday, they don’t care…they shove presents in their face, they just want to eat paper…and then we shove a cake on their high chair!

I have well over a thousand pictures to sort through…I make books for our dad’s each year…EK’s is usually right after Christmas…and now Addison’s will be for Father’s Day. I went through all of them and picked a few that I thought were the best to put in the book. I haven’t even seen my parent’s pictures of the bday or of EK’s recital.

I kept it simple, kinda like a little garden party. The colors were aqua and lime green…with butterflies, pinwheels, and flowers.

The 4 of us!

I will have my cake…and eat it too!

This is one of my faves! Look how happy she is!

Kisses from mom while opening presents!

First taste!

Best shot of her dress that Mimi made for her big day! This inspired the whole birthday!

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