Towards the first of the year I declared my resolution for the 2012 year. I have been pretty successful at keeping it up…which was: to eat cleaner, to cut out fast food…and caffeine.

As far as fast food, I haven’t had any except maybe 2 or 3 chicken sandwiches on whole wheat from chick-fil-a. And you know what…I am pretty darn proud of that. I don’t even consider that fast food…grilled chicken on whole wheat bun with tomato and lettuce. Yes please.

I had noticed that I feel really sluggish and tired in the afternoon. I am working on my diet to see if I can fix that…so every now and then I would get a Dr. Pepper…or cherry coke at my parent’s house to see if that would help wake me up a bit. So I am currently trying to get off the juice, without passing out from being sleepy. Its usually around 2:00.

Clean eating…is going well. We eat clean during the week, and kinda dirty on the weekend. Most of the cooking is left up to Michael on the weekend…and he is usually not concerned about clean eating. BUT…recently he has voiced his opinion about eating better. He is training for a HUGE race…the Western States 100, which would be next year, IF he gets selected. He has run a race that is part of the requirement to enter the pool. He was suppose to run that race in April, but injured his Achilles tendon. So he decided about 2 weeks ago to start training for the AT100 mile race, which has has ran 2 times I believe. All the other races are far from TN and I don’t want him going way out of state to run.

So he has jumped on the clean eating bandwagon with me.

We have absolutely no junk food in the house…with the exception of a large bag of chips that were left over from Addison’s birthday. And an occasional cookie or piece of candy for EK for desert. I lost a bunch of weight just by changing the way I ate…I lost so much weight that my fancy jeans don’t fit anymore. I can tell I put back on some lbs. due to my caffeine intake. But I am still right at my wedding weight…I thought about going to get some new jeans, but those things are expensive…so I just keep pulling them up. I am not a fan of belts.

So that’s the update on that front.

I often get envious of Michael being able to run like he does. I wish I could run like he can…but it is absolutely painful to run much distance on my right ankle. I know I have mentioned it before, but I broke my tibia, three times…and my heel once. I have about a 1.5″ fracture on my heel bone. Not. Fun. There is also a piece of chipped tibia that is stuck in a growth plate in my ankle. The dr. said I might eventually have to have surgery to repair it.

Anyways, I usually just walk…but I had a revelation the other day…we had spend the night at Holly’s house the Sunday of memorial day weekend and I had to go pick up EK at my parent’s house that Monday morning (she had had a sneezing fit at Holly’s house) and everyone and their mother was riding their bike on Wolf River boulevard. I had siri text Michael and I said…I think I want to start riding a bike. I have a bike…I bought it for $100 dollars in 1998 for college. Its a Schwinn mountain bike. Michael said, well, I think you might need new tires…and I had siri text him back…well, I think I might need a different bike.

So that little bubble has been in my head for a while. I know bikes are expensive, but I would love to start doing it.

Which brings me to another topic that is on a bubble.

Being stuck in a rut.

Everyday…wake up, brush teeth, get EK up, brush her teeth, give her meds, fix her breakfast, wake Addison up, get her fixed, feed Addison….play with kids upstairs, 9:00 put Addison down for an nap, get EK started on her lessons (we are working on writing, alphabets, numbers, site words this summer) work…11:00 wake Addison up…play with kids till lunch, 1:00 everyone naps…I work…3:00 EK up, snack, watch a show or play outside….4:00 Addison is usually up…start dinner, wait on dad…5:15 eat dinner…play…6:15 get ready for bed….7:00 bed time…watch tv with Michael.

stuck in a rut. Don’t get me wrong…I love the rut, the schedule we are on. It makes my kids happy, hardly ever do we have a meltdown. Its the rut about TV…that’s all Michael and I do, we watch too much TV. Back when I wasn’t working, it was really our only form of entertainment. If you look at our DVR…we are STILL watching shows that have been well over with for months. We have that many shows recorded. I was thinking the other day…do I really want to look back 30 years from now and say…man Michael and I watched a ton of TV…or do I want to say wow, Michael and I spent a ton of quality time together doing things we love. Keep in mind we are limited at what to do when the kids are in bed. We can’t leave and go on walks together or anything like that. A couple of weekends ago we sat out on the deck and talked for a while…and that was fun. So we might start doing a couple of TV free nights. Its such a huge part of our life when the kids aren’t up. Just last night we were watching TV and I was reading a blog on my ipad and Michael said Claire you aren’t even watching…and I responded…I don’t even care…TV is pointless. He said so is your ipad.

So I think I might bring up 2 or 3 days out of the week that the TV is off. We can play actual board games (hello words with friends…why even get out the scrabble board anymore)…work in our garden, sit on our patio…just enjoy each other’s company…and reconnect on the reasons why we fell in love with each other. Throw the Frisbee, play bocce ball…two of our favorite hobbies.

It will get even better when the kids are older and can actually ride a bike and we could all ride bikes together…get our buts off the couch and do something fun!

So anyway, loads of rambling…those are two big bubbles that have been on my mind lately. So we are working on those. Not sure how to go about the bike…I know I at least need new tires, but that bike is so old and cheap!

Do you ever get these certain feelings, like when the weather is just right or the sunset reminds you of an old memory? I had one of those just last week…when Michael and I were dating we spent every night at St. Columba…walking around, hanging out with friends, and when no one else was hanging out…we went night fishing at the lake. I was driving home from my parent’s house one afternoon…I had the girls in the back with the windows down and the music blaring and I had remembered one of my favorite times at St Columba with Michael…we spent all afternoon and night fishing on the lake. The weather was not too hot, not too cold, just right, warm enough, but not humid. I would give anything to have another night like that! Man I sure miss that place!

One thought on “Healthy

  1. After we are done with Sylvie (at 9:30pm!) Daniel and I go to separate rooms and either watch different tv (I watch the Golden Girls on DVD only – no actual current tv) or surf the net (me) or do schoolwork (me) or play games on the phone (him) or work (him). It's late and we are both tired and wanting to do quiet time our own way.

    What you wrote really makes me rethink it though! We really ought to be proactive about making quality time happen. Of course, soon I'll be working and I'm going to go to bed myself after Sylvie goes to bed. So kinda a moot point for my house, afterall. But good for you to turn off that tv. I need to have internet-free days. Kinda addicted.

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