Addison Grace!

Well lets see…what does Addison do: stands, cruises, crawls, waves bye bye, claps, and will sometimes blow kisses if she feels like it. When you kiss her, she makes a kissy noise with her mouth. She is starting to turn into a little girl before my very eyes! We went to her 12 month check-up last Monday…here are her stats:

Height 29 1/2: 50%
Weight: 17 lbs…5%

We did not see her real dr. She weighed in around the 10th percentile at her 9 month checkup and I asked if that was okay and Dr. Scott said yes. This Dr. was concerned with her lack of hefty weight gain. We are going back in 4 weeks for a weight check…and if she hasn’t gained much, we might have to meet with a nutritionist. I mean it is what it is…the kid eats…a ton! She is still breast-fed. I have begun to wean her, but I have yet to introduce her to any other type of milk. I have about half a freezer full of pumped milk and I want her to finish it first before we try something else. We went over what she typically eats and he said it was a good variety. She might just be a petite girl.

She isn’t walking yet, both my girls are kinda late walkers…EK was almost 13 months.

We let her roam the downstairs pretty much, we haven’t been locking the stair gate because she hasn’t shown any interest in the stairs yet…but as of yesterday, it is on! I knew she was in the front of the house…and I went to check on her and she was on the bottom stair…so I grabbed my phone and recorded her going up the stairs. She was soooo proud of herself when she reached the top! Now the gate is closed at all times!

Now on to some cuteness!

Waking up from a nap at Mimi’s!

A new hobby which we aren’t too fond of…but the first couple of times sure are cute!

Laughing at Papa at breakfast!

Playing by the pool at Mimi’s!

One of the first times she stood up in her crib!

Chillin on the couch!

Chillin in a box!

Standing under the table!

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