Beginning of May!

On Cinco De Mayo…we busted out a slipping slide I bought on clearance at least two years ago. Teaching the eldest how to slip n slide wasn’t working. She played in the sprinkler and pool part. Michael and I took turns throwing her down the slide, which she loved!

We celebrated my Mom’s birthday yesterday along with Mother’s day. We mowed down BBQ, opened presents, and had cake! EK and AC got in the pool, but later would turn blue and started shivering. It hasn’t been a good weekend weather wise.

Today we are celebrating Mother’s day…we picked up to go food from Cracker Barell…if you have never had their Sunday Fried chicken…you are missing out. It is SOOOO good! We tore into that and did some laundry…and currently three out of the four people in the family are napping. Tonight we are celebrating by putting the babies down and eating a big people meal all by our big people selves…steak and fixings.

What else…oh I bought an inflatable pool which has been a hit with everyone. I tried and tried to convince Michael to get one of those kinda small above ground summer pools…that aren’t permanent…But he still says no. Boo him. He is concerned about it killing our grass. Who cares! Let us have fun dern it!

Oh and a couple of weekends ago, the weather was hot and the pool water temp was good to go…so we had our first pool party at my parent’s house. The two big girls loved it…Addison, well I chunked her in a ladybug and she floated for a good hour!

Addison in a bag!
Ek slippin n slidin!

Addison suckin her thumbers!

Splash landing!
Addison taking her first dip in the pool!
Addison taking her first dip in Mimi and Papa’s new pool!
The three Amigos!
Big pimpin!

Snack time pool side!

Chillin at Mimi’s birthday party!
Sweet baby!
Mimi and the three Amigos!
EK and AC opening Mimi’s presents!

So what next? 1 more day of flowers, 5 more days of school, next weekend is the big recital! I am in full party mode for Addison’s first birthday (insert Holy cow here…1 year!!!) We are having a small family birthday party at my parent’s house. She is the only one on both sides of our family with a summer birthday! So we are super stoked about pool parties for her birthday!

Ella Kate’s whole month of June is book solid. She has swimming lessons for two weeks, VBS for one week, a ballet camp for one week, and several smaller ballet camps throughout the summer! Good stuff! The girls and I are going to be spending the night on Wednesdays at my parent’s house to get them some good pool time too!

I have been getting the house in shape for a huge cleaning this week. I have been going room to room and clearing out the clutter and whatnot. Our playroom is nuts. Oh I need to take a picture of what happened. Michael was getting mad at me because of the couch downstairs, it held all of my work stuff. So at first he told me to get a desk to put behind the couch. I had one picked out and decided I really like working on the couch. So he said well go upstairs and I said well, the tv is terrible upstairs. So he said go buy a tv. And I did. Its a Samsung Smart TV and is super cra cra. It has facebook, hulu, netflix, internet, and all kinds of crazy apps. I have watched over 30 movies while working. Addison and Ellers love it…all their toys are up here and the carpet is easy on Addison’s knees. But man, this place can be nuts with all their toys!

Working should slow down after the flowers are in the ground. So hopefully I will have a little bit more free time on my hands…but we shall see!


Happy Mother’s Day!!

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