Blah blah blah…still excessively busy with the same ole same ole. I did however manage to clean my house just a little bit that month. Not by much. Made sure the toilets were clean and the floors were vacuumed. Big A is mobile now and her most fave thing to do is go all over the house. I forgot how nasty this stage is for them…everything on the floor…in their mouth…hair, dirt, grass, dust..gross. I am constantly pulling hair out of her mouth. Double gross.

We did Easter. I have yet to find the pictures of the girls in their Easter dresses. I am not sure if I deleted them or what happened. I might have to do a redo.

We kept our office dog Rex for a week. He got ran over by our irrigation tech at work. So we had to keep him while he recovered. He had a compound fracture on his hind leg. Don doesn’t have a fence and Johnny has a dog. Rex kills other dogs…so we got him.

My dad had a birthday! Happy Birthday to him!

I started flower season and I have one more day to go!

Ella Kate danced in Arlington in April and they have been crazy busy the last two weeks. She has a huge recital this Saturday at the GPAC. She is sooo pumped, but I question if she actually knows what is going to happen on Saturday.

Ella Kate went on a streak of getting into trouble…the end result, a gate at night in the hallway. She was getting up when everyone was asleep and….hoarding food! Crazy baby! I heard her one morning before church and I went into the main living area of our house and she was high tailing it back to her room. So I followed her in there and discovered a picnic including: hotdogs, (which were in the fridge for Rex – for his pills) Addison’s sippy, Michael’s water bottle, peanut butter crackers, fruit snacks, bowls, Addison’s baby food, a payday, 3 musketeers, scissors, pens, and paper. So we put a gate up to keep her in. She doesn’t like it at all. In fact, I had to use the bigger gate which I used upstairs, since she is so tall. When she discovered what I was doing she said, “I want that short gate.” I said why…so you can climb over it and hoard more food. She said “Yes!” Wrong answer kiddo!

 Well, blogger and flickr changed formats on me…so I am still trying to figure this out…like I have time to do that!

Here is EK’s Easter loot from the Bunny this year! She got a Rapunzel dress and a big sheep who she named Big Boy.
A yearly tradition…dying of the Easter eggs sans clothes!

Addison’s Easter bunny loot…her sheep who EK named Lil Boy…and some bath toys and a ball stacker.
Addison’s side pose while big sis dyes eggs.
EK tearing down the sidewalk to the egg hunt!

All dressed up with Big Boy!
Addison checking out her loot!
The youngest and her mama!
Arlington in April!

Practicing our hair for her big recital…we have lots to work on. Her hair doesn’t hold any curl…I am going to mousse it up and gel it down and see if it will hold.

Addison watching big sis perform!
Mad waker uper.
Rex, his cone, and his injured leg. You can see all the bruising. He was cut open and had staples on the inside of his leg.
Ellers and I before Mother’s tea at her school.
They sang us a song!
Check out the vine that is blooming on our arbor…isn’t it gorgeous!
Ellers eating donuts at Mother’s Tea!

That about wraps April up in photos!

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